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Daily Archives: November 4, 2017

How to Protect Yourself from Instaspam?

Social Media Activists have been reporting spam on social media sites, such as Facebook and SnapChat for years. It is clear now that with the ongoing technological advancements, many issues and concerns are related to spamming. The most recent victim of this matter is the

Women Accessories: Inseparable?

Accessories had and is continuously playing a part in our lives. You don’t see a city without an accessory shop. Many online businesses sell accessories too. Such offerings are profitable. Hundreds of options for buyers, yet many would still like to buy a custom accessory.

Making it Simpler to Receive Payments in Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a software solution from Intuit Inc. that is designed to help small businesses manage payroll, sales, inventory and other requirements. The features of the software include merchant services, marketing tools, training solutions, products and supplies. According to the industries and their needs, the

Find Smart ways for Fees Collection for Clubs

Smooth flow of cash is the lifeblood of every business big or small. The smoother the flow the better is the business. A scenario like this exists in clubs with thousands of members. There are regular expenses with invoicing and collection of dues which takes