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Daily Archives: January 3, 2018

Contract Management

How to Mitigate Contract Management Risks?

Although contract management motivate virtually every business relationship, but most of the companies fail to adequately manage their contracts in a professional way. This, in turn, cost billions of dollars to the companies globally every year. Contract management is evolved with various risks, so the

How to Get Affordable Home Insurance in Calgary

Home insurance policies around the world are based on the same set of principles. But they are adapted based on the geographical conditions and other physical factors. Calgary has a very distinct weather and real estate market. These two factors largely influence the home insurance

Now Having Stylish Hair Is Easy & Effortless

Hair fall, hair damage is a serious problem among today’s women. Stress, pollution, too much styling, misguided attempt at hair treatment is only some of the several contributing factors. If your hair has become dry, limp and rough, hair treatment is a good way to



When it comes to introducing modern technology in Saudi Arabia,Billing Software tops the list. Saudi Arabia’s marketplace is now providing work for ERP solutions in all departments in corporate sector. ERP solutions are transforming the businesses and improving the performance, productivity and efficiency. Though it looks

A Brief Introduction to the Goods and Services Tax

India has been the under an indirect tax structure since independence. This creates avoidable complications. However, with the Constitution (122nd) Amendment Bill, one of the biggest reforms in the tax structure of India was observed. The Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, came

5 Fixed Deposit Myths Debunked!

With volatility and high inflation becoming commoner in today’s market, fixed deposits or FDs have rightly emerged as one of the major fixed profit generating financial tool. Yes, investors, these days are singing praise for fixed deposits as they guarantee a fixed return on the