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Daily Archives: January 12, 2018

5 Questions for Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennels

Since Dog Boarding involves leaving your furry buddy at a strange location anywhere from a day to a week or two, choosing the best possible kennel can be an exhausting process. With so many possible pros and cons that each kennel has, you need to

Role of agriculture in Indian economy

Various occupy an important place in Indian agriculture. In India, there are grown over an area of 23.8 million hectares with a total production of 18.6 million tonnes. The average yield of pulses in India is about 735 kg/hectare. The country need to produce 405

things to remember while traveling in winter


We all have plans which are usually sudden and uninvited irrespective of the time and situation. The same happens and sometimes people even forget the weather conditions and suddenly travel becomes necessary no matter how the weather is. So in such cases one should always