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Debt to Freedom – Creating and managing a budget

Take the first steps towards the rest of your life. Budgeting is admittedly not the most interesting of topics. That is until you consider just how much influence it really has on helping us to get the lives that we really want. Budgeting in the

How are NBFCs a better investment option than banks?

Fixed deposit is one of the safest forms of investment. Yes, that is a fact which an investor cannot ignore. But the service of fixed deposit provided by the lenders differs from one another. There is an existing myth that banks offer better deals on

Got an Annual Bonus? Know More About Home Loans

There might be a lot of ways in which you might come across some surplus money. One such way is getting an annual bonus. People either end up spending their bonus or investing it. Instead one can use this annual bonus to pay off their

How do you Calculate Corporate income tax?

An income tax is a percentage of earned income, and it is levied on both individuals and businesses. For individuals, the tax is calculated based on the total revenue of the taxpayer, with some allowances made in the way of deductions. Corporate taxes are figured

Do’s And Don’ts Of Currency Conversions

The Best Investment Banks in the World

While Wall Street may have lost a bit of its luster but investment banking still continues to be one of the hottest jobs for most of the business students. Here’s the comprehensive list of the best investment banks to work for: The Blackstone Group is

Do’s And Don’ts Of Currency Conversions

Complete Guide; Do’s And Don’ts Of Currency Conversions

It is easy to make strategy for travel budget when planning a trip to local attractions. But figuring out the best plan for spending money for an international trip is a challenging task even for an experienced traveller. Because getting the best exchange rate is

Travel Abroad

Should You Buy International Travel Insurance or Not?

The thrill and prospect of travel, especially for pleasure, is quite exhilarating. Leaving all worries behind, the freshness in undertaking an exploration with friends and family is always uplifting. However, many travellers, in the spirit of having fun often face health issues, theft, baggage loss,