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GST entertainment Industry

Understanding GST’s Impact on Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry in India has been bracing through some tax related key issues, such as tax risks management, cash blockage, effective tax rates, a broad range of indirect taxes, and dual tax levies. Moreover, these taxes weren’t under the purview of the Central Government


All you Need to Know About GST Exemption

GST is considered to be the game changer in the history of India. It is because it is expected that it will bring a positive change in terms of enhancement of Indian economy. After its recent implementation, people are confused regarding the process of registration


7 Efficient Ways to Avoid Personal Loan Rejection

An applicant has no way to know the reason for his personal loan rejection. If the loan gets rejected from one lender it reflects on the credit file of the applicant and when this happens the other lender may see this as a warning and

How does A Home Loan Balance Transfer Work?

Many people dream of having a house which they can call as own. Affording a dream house can be difficult for one as the price of the houses have reached sky high. When it comes to buying houses, people often opt for Home Loans. A

Consequences of Late Payments of Car Insurance Premiums

You should never falter on your vehicle insurance payments. If you fail to pay the premiums on time, you are bound to encounter a number of grievous consequences. Even though you seem to be only 24 hours delayed with your car insurance premium payments, your

Few Advantages of Cashless Payment in India

India is on the road to a cashless economy. The government has been pushing for electronic payment in a bid to combat counterfeit currency and black money. It will be a good while before the country reaches this goal but there has been progress. However,