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SMS Marketing

Simple SMS Marketing Guide For Business Growth

What is SMS: SMS is an abbreviation for short message service. This service allows generally 160 character messages to be sent between cell phones. SMS service works over a network that communicates between the sender’s and recipient’s mobile phone. SMS serves as a quick and


Why is a great customer experience still the best form of marketing?

The Customer is rightly called the King! Customer experience is defined as the interactions which happen between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship. An interaction can include awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases and service. By creating an amazing experience for the customer,

4 best ways to reach bigger client and B2B markets

Despite business world is booming with heavy competition, everyday new businesses and startups rise above the surface. The competition becomes even tough making it difficult for big and small level organizations to reach better client and business prospects. Where there is enormous competition among the

5 Reasons You Should Start an Instagram Account for Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Start an Instagram Account for Your Business

If you aren’t yet implementing Instagram into your marketing strategy, you might be missing out on great opportunities. More accurately, you are probably missing out on great opportunities. Maybe you are thinking “Instagram is not for me” or “My target audience isn’t using Instagram”. But

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Why Use Inflatable Balloon for Your Advertising Event?

Planning events is a time-consuming process and can be stressful at times, but a good way to brighten up an event without putting much effort is to use inflatable balloons. There are several practical benefits of using such balloons at various vents and one of

Return on Investment in Digital Marketing

How to Measure ROI of your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Do you know how to measure any ROI from a digital marketing campaign? Digital marketing is always changing and growing, this has been caused by Google update algorithm and higher competition from businesses globally using the internet for promotions of business online via Internet. What

Twitter Follower

Tips for Boosting Your Twitter Follower Count

Of course, Twitter can be used just to follow what others are writing. In that case, it does not matter if you have few or no followers. But for the vast majority of people on twitter, the number of followers is hard currency. If you

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7 Benefits of Hiring A Branding Consultant

A branding consultant is a firm that specializes in creating and launching brands, as well as rebranding. The role of a branding consultant is to develop, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, but can also involve support in terms of advertising and other forms