Biggest Mistakes While Starting a Call Center and What You Can Do About Them


Starting a call center business is not an easy task these days. With growing customer expectations, tough competition, and a lot more to consider, you might make bigger mistakes. When setting up your business as call center there are important things to look for. There are multiple benefits when you are setting up a one for your business. You are able to satisfy your customers while giving preference to quality over quantity.

Let’s start it right by going through this post. Look out for the biggest mistakes in this business and how to fix them simply as well:

1.    Checklist is amazing to start with

It is the hard job to keep every single factor in mind when working on a process; however, a checklist acts as guidance through the whole process. If you have a checklist of all the must-haves, you can save downtime and money. Acting as a roadmap, you can have the plan in mind and timeline for starting a call center.

A checklist for starting a call center is different than of a project. You need to think from the start while preparing this one. Try to add all the highlights and key elements of a call center in it. of course, you can have a realistic budget and you can start arranging the amount or sponsors if you have checklist along with you.

For the best checklist, using manual system is complex. Look out for free online excel templates available for creating checklists, ask yourself, if it is a type of inbound or outbound system, set a budget and add other elements according to your business plan.

2.    The location of the call center

It’s time to decide if your call center will be onsite or virtual? If you are not aware of the difference between them, you may need to make another research now! However, in simpler words, an onsite call center is a set up with all the software, system backup, advancements and operations at a single place. While the virtual call center concept has gain popularity in this decade and it is a system where your service provider is responsible for the system, backups and technology needs.

There are pros and cons for both of them and you need to check them before finalizing one if you have not made it yet! It is recommended to contact the virtual contact center service provider to run your call center operations, especially if you are a small company and unable to spend the large amount in the call center. in all honesty, it can be however frustrating for some companies who love to keep strict control in their hands.

If you are going for an onsite call center, you need to think about skills you want to attract as well as accessibility of the location. Looking for the multiple skills or persons with different expertise fields? Try to get a location in a big city! Don’t ignore parking space when looking for one!

3.    Your call center & technology needs are different!

A general survey will help! It is time to realize that a technology which might be working for someone else is not worthy of your call center. Starting a call center means setting business goals and establishing KPI’s. Choose technology which helps you in achieving your business objectives.

Ask yourself.

  • How will I route my calls?
  • Which area am I targeting?
  • Where will the call data be stored?
  • Do I need CRM system to start with?

To start with, there are some basic requirements which cannot be ignored. You need to have a list in mind about the “basics” as well as the “best ones to have”. The basics may consist of cloud solutions, predictive dialer, voice broadcasting, call recording, CRM system or other. While the best ones to have may consist of knowledge management, quality monitoring, calls dashboard, a room for training & automated customer surveys.

Opening up a call center means, multiple decisions to be taken regarding choosing headsets. You may need to make little research before buying one! Do research and you are ready to go to your contact center.

4.    Recruiting a team for your call center

Your call center agents are a real asset for your contact center if you plan to make smart recruiting. Recruiting is not just about making an interview and picking up the team. Before initiating interviews, there are critical questions to consider.

Have you decided how many call center agents you are planning to hire? What are the basics you are looking into them and nice ones to have as well? Once the size of the call center is decided, you may start recruiting a team. it may take time, however, taking a professional help is recommended. Estimating the number is also dependent on the call volume you are expecting. The number differentiates at the setting up and the growing period!

Are you ready for the recruitment period? Time to prepare a smart list of interview questions to ask the candidates! You may need to read about the best call center agent skills as well to look these in the candidates. This will not only reduce the time taken for this process, in fact, it ensures you are able to pick up the best call center agents. Moreover, it reduces staff turnover percentage as well.

5.    Estimate the time and resources required

When starting a call center, setting realistic timeframes is important. Not only setting up a call center requires time, in fact, a time frame is calculated which is required to make it run properly. For instance, ask yourself, if you are setting up a basic call center or multi-channel call center?

When estimating the time, you may need to consider the size of the call center as well. Along the time look out for the resources required as well. a multi-channel call center may require better technology choices and you need to look for best call center software’s like Coztel to make it work. In the same manner, a bigger call center set up need more time.

Estimate the time for issues and bugs as well. Of course the expected and unexpected ones!

Ending words

It is important you don’t compromise on the basics when starting a new call center. You will probably need to search online for the must-haves of the new business as well. Starting a business and running it smartly need a proper plan. Any mistakes can lead to the troubles and disasters which are irrecoverable. Go through the above checklist and other factors to consider when setting up your contact center.




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