What is the difference between necklace and chain?


During browsing the online stores run by jeweller’s you may see different names of the pieces of jewellery. Among them there are necklace and chain. Some people are not aware of their differences because they know that they are both designed to be worn around neck. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences of those items and this article will tell more about them. Moreover, there will be provided some information on the places where you may purchase every types of jewellery in reasonable prices.

  1. The difference between necklace and chain
  2. Some example of popular chains worth considering
  3. Where to purchase the piece of jewellery?

The difference between necklace and chain

If you are not sure what are the differences between those two pieces of jewellery, it is worth bear in mind that:

Chain is a simple piece of jewellery made of gold or silver worn around the neck. However, this jewellery is not linked with any precious gemstones. Sometimes it may include some simple stones made of metals or pendants (you may check pendants on the GLD Shop). There are may different styles of chains, such as: figaro chain, box chain, curb chain, snake chain, rope chain, mariner chain, belcher chain and a few more.

Necklace – it is a high quality piece of jewellery worn around neck. It is also made of gold or silver but it is often sold with precious gemstones, for example lapis lazuli, amber, pear, chrysocolla and much more. There are also available many various styles, for example: choker necklace, multi coloured string necklace, kundan necklace, bib necklace and many more.

Some examples of popular chains worth considering

If you love the idea of having a chain around of your neck, it is worth to pay attention at some chains that you may find in the offer of jeweller’s. They are following:

Box chain – this chain is made of links that resemble little boxes. To underline the special character of the chain as well as the owner, it is advisable to purchase pendant. Are you interested? Feel free and check pendants on the GLD Shop.

Figaro chain – it is a chain designed in Italy. It composed of flatted links that are of various sizes. It is considered to be one of the most stunning chain dedicated to females as well as male users.

Anchor chain – it is also known as mariner or rambo. The characteristic feature of the chain are small and round links that go with large oval link.

Where to purchase the piece of jewellery?

If you are interested in necklace or chains, you may purchase both of them in one of the online jeweller’s shops. There you may enjoy a large range of necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings and a lot more pieces of jewellery. What is more, every item is described detailed and has at least three pictures. You may also check pendants on the GLD Shop that match the necklaces as well as chains perfectly.

Necklaces as well as chains are amazing pieces of jewellery worth to have in your drawer. However, if you want to purchase one of them, it is better to know what is the difference between necklaces and chains. You may be surprised how those two jewellery elements are similar and different at the same time. Moreover, if you want to buy them, it is worth to select the online store rather the local jeweller’s shop.


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