Why You Should Consider Moving Your Business to Los Angeles

Business to Los Angeles

Have you ever had that feeling where you could pack up and leave to start a new life? If you’re a business owner, this wouldn’t be such a bad idea, providing you’re doing so for all the right reasons. Location plays a huge part in the success of your business for several reasons. Therefore, you need to think carefully about your decisions; especially if you’re a start-up.

One of the most popular cities to move to is Los Angeles – and not just for young hopefuls looking to make their big break in Hollywood. It’s now becoming a hot spot for start-ups, thanks to the vast array of professional opportunities on offer and an exciting lifestyle as an additional benefit.

Here’s why you should consider moving your small business to Los Angeles:


Known as the ‘Sunshine State’, thanks to its year-round hot and sunny climate that L.A allows you to truly live the dream. Deciding to relocate should have your business at the center, but you also need to consider the impacts on your lifestyle. Where you live can affect your mood and wellbeing, so you must be moving for the right reasons and can achieve a work-life balance.

As a business owner, you must take some time out to enjoy all that life throws at you, and it’s safe to say that Los Angeles can do just that. There’s a variety of entertainment on the doorstep for all of the family; from music venues to theatres, an abundance of bars and restaurants, beaches, museums and even games for sports fans, where tickets can be bought quickly and simply from TicketSales.com.


Tax Incentives

Any business owner will know that the amount of tax paid is a real make or break concerning the success of their business. Luckily, the city of Los Angeles offers impressive tax incentives for small businesses who are planning on moving to the area. One of the best tax benefits is the Business Tax Holiday, which exempts new start-ups from paying any tax whatsoever in the first three years of living in the city. This is a real plus point for start-ups worried about their turnover and making a profit in the early stages. Essentially, all the money you make is yours.


In Los Angeles, it’s not unusual for business owners to live and work in the same space, which will slash your rental costs dramatically. At the end of the 1940s, those living in the downtown area opted for a quieter life on the outskirts, which meant commercial buildings turned into residential housing. As a result, the two have now been combined,

With the downtown area now buzzing with residents passing through the streets every day; local restaurants, shops, bars and other small businesses are thriving with customers, which is certainly something to think about if you own a business in any of these niches.


There isn’t one single business district in L.A, which means you have may have to travel around a lot, dependent on where your client base is. Most residents choose to drive for ease; however, the public transport system in Los Angeles is certainly changing, with the expansion of the Metro system and the growth of taxi firms such as Uber and Lyft. In specific business districts, you can also find less expensive options such as mini shuttles and buses that travel across the city to get you to your business meetings, without the unnecessary stress of driving.


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