5 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Office Relocation


If you are reading this, chances are that things are not perfect in your current office situation. Whatever the reason for relocation may be, be assured that if done correctly, it will be great for your business’ turnaround and for the entire team as well.

Lower Costs

Moving comes with a price, and there are always unforeseen expenses. However, when relocating an office, you need to focus more on the long-term expenditures, rather than the cost of moving day. Start by comparing the obvious expenses such as utility bills, lease and transportation. Depending on the part of town and building, it could easily turn out that you will be getting a bigger and better space for less money. The building may even have some unexpected perks such as security, parking or a great place to eat around the corner. Be flexible and weigh out the best deal.

Closer To Where You Need To Be

If you are not already absolutely certain about which part of town you would like to relocate to, a good idea would be to map out some crucial points. Think about important factors such as the location of vendors or partners, demographics of potential customers, what the labor pool is like in the area and even the proximity to existing employees’ homes. These are all things you should consider in order to make your business more accessible and your employees happier, therefor increasing productivity and inflow of people in your area of business, not to mention cutting transportation costs.

Give Your Business a Makeover

Now is your chance to start something new and make it perfect both aesthetically and functionally. Enhance your brand and unify the image you want to project to potential clients. Seemingly trivial things such as where in the city you are located or which building or corner you occupy all have an effect on whether people go to you for their business. Relocating to a fresh space gives you a new canvas to work with. You have the chance to search for an area and layout that best suits your way of business. You might, for example, be in need of a larger meeting room or reception area. These are the spaces you are going to want to invest in when it comes to décor. Make sure that it is in accordance with your company colors, for example.

Clear Out What Is Not Needed

Moving is the perfect excuse to get rid of everything and anything that is useless or unfitting for display. Check that everything you take to your new office is in working condition and that there is a designated and suitable space for it. If your new business location is smaller or not a permanent solution, self storage units can come in very handy, rather than being buried in piles of office supplies and furniture. No matter where you are moving or what you decide to incorporate into your new office space, remember that a clean and tidy office is a reflection of how you do business.

Make It A Marketing Event

In anticipation of the big move, get people talking about your company. Whether you choose to do it by setting up a direct mailing or emailing campaign, handing out flyers, calling, social media, placing an ad-whichever way you prefer, the point is to let it be known. No matter how tight the budget for the move, do not forget to celebrate. Moving a business is not an easy task and there are a lot of things to consider when making such a choice. But now that you have completed the move successfully, throw a grand opening party. Invite all of your clients, suppliers, representatives from other organizations you do business with, people from neighboring firms. This is a great opportunity for publicity, to boast about the success of your company and to show off the new office space.

Employees and business partners can be skeptical about a move. Assure everyone that this is a positive step forward in how you do business and a chance to improve the image of your company. Relocating a business can be a great adventure with an even better outcome.

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