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8 Important Tips You Must Have While Model Making


Whether you are an architect or a student, there are some tips to be followed to avoid the basic errors while making a model. This will help in saving a lot of wasted time and efforts. It is important to have clear goals and personal experience to make the models perfect. You should have proper methods and materials to design the models. Here are eight important tips you must have while making a model.

  1. Proper Planning

Set the goals, define the purpose and communicate properly. People should have the budget and resources to make the model realistic. You should consider every aspect of a perfect design of the model. If you are designing a building in a sensitive area, then the model should fit as per the layout and its context. The important thing is you should have the clear purpose of making the model and work on it to achieve the goals. You can also take a help from a model making company to develop your model in a better way. You can use templates, good tools, and sharp knives and build skills that help you in creating a perfect model.

  1. Use Right Tools Making ToolsHave the right set of tools for building the model as they will differentiate the good model from the great one. Don’t go for the substitute but instead of that find the right set of essential tools to make a model. The tools that are old should be replaced to give a perfect design. Usage of high-quality cutting tools is important such as a knife, blades, and scissors.
  1. Choose the Right Materials

Right materials will help to design a good model having the solid base and clean finish. They will enhance the general appearance of your model. Firstly, you should keep in mind that the material chosen by you should effectively narrate something about your model. Secondly, you should use the materials that supplement your project. The purchasing of materials can be difficult but you can investigate it in your local Art and Craft shop or shops which keep the material related to hobbies.

  1. Select the Right Adhesives

The model should have drips and strings of glue as nothing is worse than falling off a model at the slightest touch. You should have the right adhesives to make the perfect model. You should use Glue and Tape or thinners and removers. Some glues work better with materials and some doesn’t so choose the superior quality adhesive which makes a good model.

  1. Decide on a Scale

The scale is a crucial factor while making a model. Depending on how much area you want to show consider the scale. For buildings, you could consider 1:200 or even 1:100 scale and for bigger areas, you can choose 1:500 or 1:1000 scale. A company will help you to choose a proper scale so that you can plan the model accordingly.  It will not only determine the detail and space but also you can spend a proper time making it. You can utilize X-Acto knife for cutting the edges meticulously.

  1. Make a Time Plantime plan

Write up a plan before starting to make a model and keep a proper track of your deadline. This will help to complete your own model on time and withstand the examination of others so that you don’t end up sacrificing too much of your time. You should properly follow your time plan so that model doesn’t fall and you can complete it according to deadlines. Always try to learn from your mistakes and keep practicing to make a perfect model. If you have a problem in making a time plan, you can seek a help from the model making company.

  1. Use Laser Cutter

The laser cutter is necessary and a favorable alternative if you don’t have CAD model or don’t want to recreate the entire thing by hand. The best thing of using a laser cutting is creating a virtual model and making it possible to cut and piece it together. The thickness of material should be limited and if you are trying to use wood then cover up those freshly-burned edges.

  1. Architectural Model Methods

Be realistic with time, materials, resources and methods available to you. It is important to get the right balance and have a good overall presentation while making a model. In your method, keeping everything square is important to achieve a neat and clean finish for your model. When you’re cutting the model with the knife or a scalpel, it’s better to use proper light passes rather than cutting it on one go. You can also take an advice from friends and experts in order to develop the best architectural model.

The Bottom Line

If you follow these tips, you can make your model be built in a faster way and this will ultimately help in becoming a better architect.

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