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IP telephony is not exactly a new technology,but is being used with more frequency these days by established business and new brands alike. The technology is based in a series of resources that make use of Internet Protocols (IP). To connect a network of devices, and send voice messages using data packages through the internet. This development has already made analog phone lines a thing of the past.

IP telephony is already overtaking many communication tools for companies around the world. It’s a sure-fire method of dealing with high volumes of calls. And the platform to set them up is not expensive with the right budget. The only downside that might be picked out of it is the cost of having a permanent internet connection. And the amount of internet data it consumes.

Yealink, one of Australia’s main manufacturers of communicational devices is ready to offer some of the most advanced hardware to set up a company’s communication network. The Yealink cordless phones catalog includes a series of handsets like the W52P and the W56P that are built with state of the art technology to ease the communications needs of any company.

The advantages of working with Yealink cordless devices go beyond operative reasons. A phone like the W56P model or the upgraded W60B can play a big role in the improvement of communications for dynamic employees in industries located on indoor settings like factories or warehouses. Let’s take a look at what else we can get out of them:

Price-Value relation

IP cordless phones represent an investment that shows its perks almost immediately. Internal communications become easier because everyone can be located through the same network. This works towards the integration of process since everyone can be kept at the same page on any given time.

Cost savings

Making a call on IP cordless phones saves way more money than using an average analogic line. A growing business finds an ally on this technology. Because the savings made on reduced costs in communications lead to increased profits margins for the company.


IP communications are billed by the second. No longer will a company be tied up by expensive telephone bills charging by the minute. As long as employees keep their communications effective and avoid holding up the network the company will save money.


IP communications put the flow of calls made by a company under one roof in a unique network. There is no such thing as a missed call inside this scheme. Productivity and effectiveness will rise if they go hand-to-hand with proper training for workers.


One of the main features in combining flowing data and voice is that this process is supported by almost any device of the company. The cordless phone may be the bridge, but our voices will be able to reach every device that can receive a phone call, a desktop, a laptop, and smartphones. The sky is the limit.

There is nothing to cherry-pick in the use of this technology. The main concern for a company that is new in the use of it is to secure a well-made installation process and regular maintenance.

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