Car Myths that We Seriously Need to Debunk

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Cars are an integral element to our survival. Cars are ranked as among the necessities of life. However, when you shop for cars there are always certain myths that factor in. it may be from your peers or the seniors who have been in driving business for years.

Mostly fresh drivers believe the word of their seniors and follow them religiously. As with every story certain myths that seep in. now the question you may ask that why would they sink in so deep but that is what myths do. Without any basis it transfer from to another (in this case, from one driver to another).

Following is the list of myths that you ought to debunk pronto!

1.   Cops are not Super Cars

This is one of the most prevalent myths out there. New car drivers usually think that if they were to break traffic rules and get away with it, the cops car going to catch them. I am not suggesting that you break the law and get chased by cops (they will figure out a way to penalize you), however to think they have some form of super cars, is basically a myth.

They just have regular cars and have no hidden chip or anything to give their vehicles an extra boost or get them to fly (pun intended).

2.   Bigger Cars don’t Mean Higher Safety

Another misnomer or myth that people believe in is that if the bigger the size of the car, it is high on safety features. There is a reason why parents give their teenage children big SUV Japan car auction house to learn driving because they consider it as safe.

Whereas the focus shouldn’t be on the size of the car instead on educating them the basics of driving. Imagine driving in a rash manner, big or not, if a person were to get into an accident will they survive if they do not exercise care while driving?

3.   Premium Gas Increases Power

This is not always true, may be partially. Premium gas has its advantages but it does not contribute to generating higher power for the CAA Auction House car. In a high end car, in order for it to perform better, people recommend using premium gas. It gives your car seamless functioning since on regular gas the power breaks and consequently, the engine is impacted adversely.

Therefore in high performance cars, not only the fuel matters but also its mechanics which adds to its improved power usage as opposed to regular cars.

4.   Idling the Car Engine Before Driving

You must have heard ‘warm up the engine before you begin to drive’. And that is what we all do in the morning when we prepare ourselves to go to work, especially when the mornings are colder. Know this, if you are not flooring your car, you can drive without warming up your engine.

When you idle the engine, the engine is still producing the power so it doesn’t really matter whether you idle the car engine before driving. Some parts may take time to warm up while other parts only gets warmed up when you get the car in motion such as wheel bearings.


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