Hoisting Equipment

A Closer Look at Types of Hoisting Equipment


The construction industry uses an array of heavy equipment to make work easier. Amongst various options, the one that is commonly used is the hoisting equipment. There are different types of hoisting equipment that are used in the construction industry. Hoisting equipment is heavy machinery that hardly works on its own. These machines work in conjunction with cranes that are operated either manually or automatically. The prime purpose of hoisting equipment is the loading and unloading of materials.

Hoisting Equipment

Hoisting Equipment

In addition to the construction industry, these machines are also used in factories and shipping yards. However, if you are looking for buying one, you first need to know the types of hoisting equipment available. Then based on the features of each you can choose one that best suits your requirement. So, here is a list of the most popular hoisting equipment types:

    1. Manual hoists: These are wire loop pullers powered by chains and normally are used for lifting heavy loads. Here the load lifting is managed by an operator.
    2. Electric hoists: commonly used for lifting cargo and available in different types. These machines use a drum to lift or lower load and the lifting mechanism consist of a cog, axle, driveshaft, gears and sprockets.
    3. ConstructionThus, now that you k hoists: These hoists are specifically used on construction site for transporting materials and people from one place to another. One must consult a site engineer to operate these machines.
    4. Mining hoists: The name says it all. These hoists are used in the mining industry especially in mineshafts. Earlier, these machines used to run on steam engines at the mining site for lowering miners, food and water, lifting the mining outputs, etc.
    5. Air hoists: These machines have pneumatically driven motors. As the name suggests these hoists use a rope or wire to pull good and material in the air and move from one place to another. These machines can be used in shipyards, warehouses and more.
    6. Magnetic hoists: supported by strong magnetic material, magnetic hoists can lift ferrous material without any motor or electric supply. This hoist is the best for alloy industry.
    7. Scaffold hoists and slings: Hoists are mainly used to lift loads and depending on the size of the material, the hoist capacity is selected. However, if the load to be lifted is between 100-300Kg then scaffold hoists are the best choice. These hoists can be used in warehouses and can be operated from scaffolding.
Hoisting Equipment

Hoisting Equipment

Thus, now that you know the various types of hoist equipment available in the market, here are some pointers that you must know before purchasing hoisting equipment.

  1. The purpose of the machine
  2. Industry it will be used in
  3. The weight it is expected to carry
  4. The longevity you are looking for
  5. How much money you are ready to invest in?

Gone are the days when people had to physically visit the vendor to check on the machines. But now the list of all vendors is just a click away. A simple online search and you can have a list of vendors who offer a wide range of hoisting equipment. These machines are expensive and used for lifting heavy loads, so they present some risk of injury or property damage, therefore, durability is of prime importance. Therefore, while choosing a vendor to remember the following points:

  1. Check if the company is reputed and has been supplying heavy equipment for years
  2. Ensure that the parts used in the machines are reliable and branded
  3. Go through the reviews given online or check on their clients list.
  4. Last but not the least, have a detailed one to one call before booking your machine.

Thus, now you can be assured of your purchase.

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