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As professionals you at times require to attend conferences in places which had not been even seen before, but heard about. Say if you were to attend a high level forum in the Radisson Hotel, regarding your company’s future plans, marketing strategy, initially you might be confused while making your way to the conference hall. Many of the famous institutions have receptions tuned up to meet the special occasions like this situation, or might be they open a special counter for registration. Receptions get overcrowded and may not be able to serve older customers already in the hotel. With the advancement of technology, the institutions prefer using The Way Finding App.

Finding your way

Before implementation of the new way finding apps, kiosks were used as information counters. There used to be structures with roof supported on pillars, with either removable screens forming as temporary walls or sometimes, they are open from all sides. Gradually, theses structures turned out as make shift counters with tables and people there to help you with queries. Slowly, they found their way to almost all institutions as we commonly know them as the “May I Help You” desks. Though they (the humans at counters) give you the right guidance at most of the times, to get to them with doubts frequently, is irritating. Now just think of the conference place in a huge hotel, it is normal for you to get confused as there are tens to hundreds of rooms and finding the one for your event is harder. Good manpower in terms of volunteers is required to make it smoother for visitors to find their ways. But with advancements in technology the way finding methodology has gone digital with the digital way-finding solutions.

Digital Way-Finding solutions

The kiosks are now replaced with smarter, interactive devices that can help you have better understanding of the building in terms of “what is where” using standard interfaces. Digital way-finding apps or digital kiosks deploy a computer terminal with custom made software to run on these interactive kiosks. Usually they use track-balls, mouse, keyboards and touch screens to get user input. Touch-screen way-finding is becoming trendy. Way-finding apps using touch screens give a smoother User Experience. The digital Kiosks have customizable digital directories for the visitors.

Digital Directory

The new way-finding apps have directory listing to help you with contact details having location guidance. Till a few years back, these used to be static printed pamphlets, made of paper usually provided to you at the reception or from the help desks. Now in case there needs to be a modification, either as new addition or correction of phone numbers or address handed over to you in pamphlets, it would serve a hard time to organisers making them to rectify each pamphlet with the changes. Easy find Pro brings to you, as an organiser, the digital directory, which can be updated to reflect changes instantly to the interactive kiosks. Now no wasting of time and effort in getting the pamphlets modified with stamps or inks.

Easyfind Pro comes loaded with a set of real cool features to get you the maximum information about the event, the arrangements and utilities to make the event hassle free for you as a visitor.

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