Engaging Your Customers More Effectively


By effectively engaging their customers and prospects, organizations can get the best out of their interactions, be in closing transactions or collecting data. An engaged customer is that much more likely to come back for a repeat purchase, and an engaged prospect is more likely to complete the transaction than one who is not. By effectively engaging their customers, organizations can succeed. Here are some ways how:

Engage with them through multiple channels

Customers engage and interact in multiple locations including websites, social media, apps, and so on. Therefore, if you are to capture their attention, you should also be present on these channels. Say your prospect is an avid user of Facebook or Twitter, but your engagement efforts are focused on e-mail marketing, you lose the prospect’s attention, and to make it worse, you lose it to your competitor who is there to engage them on these platforms. Therefore, ensure that you have presence in all communication channels and platforms, and engage with your customers as necessary.

Be proactive and follow up

Customer engagement does not stop with the first visit – it begins there. Instead of waiting for the customers to come back, it is necessary for the marketer to be proactive and follow up with them so as to ensure that you are at the top of their recall. Also, following up with them will give you a chance to understand why they did not make the purchase or why they did so that you can use this information to improve the way you serve your customers.

Provide useful content

One way to engage customers is to provide them value all throughout. One of the ways you can do this is by offering them content that is useful and informational. By offering customer useful content, you can ensure recall. Even if the customer is not ready to make the decision, since it is your literature that gave him or her more information about the product, they are more likely to come to you when they are indeed ready. Therefore, informational and contextual content will work hugely benefit you. Say you are offering your customer a healthcare product – instead of selling the product directly, show your prospect through your content how beneficial the product is, and how the lack of it will affect the organization.


Storytelling and user experience have become more and more important in this digital world. When your products or services are not that indistinguishable from that of your competitors’, it is your story that will help tip the balance in your favor. Say you got into the business with a genuine need to help people, or if you say that your offering was born out of a need that you had yourself, you have better chance of endearing yourself to your customer. Also, with the increasing level of digitization, storytelling is becoming more and more affordable for organizations. Also, take care that you are offering your customers an experience – not just a service or a product.


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