How To Pay YES Bank Credit Card Payments Online And Offline?


In today’s lifestyle, individual’s are busy with their activities, that’s the reason you can delay the payment or forget it. We are happy to pay bills with late fee charges without thinking of repercussions, it will effect in your CIBIL score, or credit score. In future, you are unable to get any application approval only because of this. YES bank has provided various modes of payment offline and online.

You should be aware of easiest and fastest payment procedure, yes there is and for that need to check your age criteria and documents. For YES Bank credit cardholder, you should be between 21 to 70 years and annual earning of the applicant must not less than Rs 5.5 lakhs. For KYC you need to submit Identity proof, Address proof and Recent passport size photograph.

Now you are ok to apply for a YES bank credit card, and the simple and easiest way is online. Visit the YES website, fill your personal and professional information. You have an offline option too, just visit the YES bank branch and fill the application form with documents and drop to the bank counter.

YES bank, for you, offers various credit cards, which you need to pick as per your requirements, but also give you credit card payment method through online. Find below the options of online payment services

Net Banking Facility

Net banking service is enjoyable can link to your savings account, and you can pay the bills according to your billing date is mentioned. This facility provides you unlimited privileges, can check your due dates, outstanding, coupons and rest facility included in your net banking site. Just open your net banking account via own User ID and Password and pay bills. If you have a YES bank credit card so, life is in full of joy.

Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking service is same as net banking, for this facility just install this App on your Smartphone and use it for bill or credit card payments. YES bank credit card gives you full comfort from the office to home anywhere you can pay bills without paying late fee charges.

AutoPay Facility

It’s great to deal with multiple card holders, who may forget to pay few. In AutoPay facility, just need to set standing instruction to pay bills from your savings account, and it will cut the amount with the payment time, for your confirmation they will inbox you deduct money information.

NEFT Facility

You can pay your credit card bill payment from other bank accounts through National Electronic Fund Transfer service. Just need to add your credit card number to payee account number to make payment by using NEFT.

ATM Fund Transfer Facility

ATM is available everywhere that’s why it is easy to pay your YES bank card bills by using this. The outstanding amount is available on YES bank credit card can be transferred from a savings account to the customer’s credit card account.

If we tell you about YES bank offline procedure for payment, you have a two options cash and cheque. It is not like you are not aware the online process, but your circumstances might be not suitable, for instance, don’t have net access or you are not comfortable. Don’t need to worry, just visit the YES bank branch and pay the bills on time.

How Can You Check YES Bank Credit Card Statement?

The bank statement is like a tracker of your card. The bank will provide a monthly report in your email to aware of credit card expenses. If you have to carry a credit card, it’s your responsibility to manage it properly, don’t exceed your card limit, know the credit card limit, understand billing cycle and rest benefits.

What Is The YES bank Customer Care Role For Customers?

YES bank gives customers 24*7 service for resolve credit card doubts. You can contact them anytime the executives are always ready to give a prompt response. They feel glad you can ask any doubts, share feedbacks or complaints. Just need to call on toll-free number of YES bank 1800 2000 and take all your solutions at a time. The customer care service is a most necessary role they can play because, whenever you need them they are standing by you for your credit card issues.

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