How Your Employee’s Lifestyle Can Affect your Business

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How an employee performs while in the workplace can depend heavily on his or her overall lifestyle. If you are a business owner, you may not notice immediately, or, perhaps ever, if your employee’s lifestyle is impacting your business. Many aspects of your employee’s lifestyle are often kept outside of work. If you are a loved one of someone perhaps making poor lifestyle choices, then sometimes it is hard to know how it is impacting that person’s work.


An employee’s lifestyle has effects on your business, whether visible or not. These can be positive or negative. It is helpful to learn more for the reasons discussed in this article.

Negative Effects on Your Business Due to an Employee’s Lifestyle

If an employee is undergoing too much pressure or stress due to work, family, personal, or health obligations, then that can lead to poor lifestyle choices. Some of these may include poor sleep and turning to drugs or alcohol to seek some way of relieving this stress. Additionally, stress and unhealthy nutritional habits, along with lack of exercise, are all things that can feed off one another. Yet, each one, in itself, can have impacts on your employee’s heath.


For loved ones of those suffering from an addiction problem, it may feel hard to know how to help. You may also not know whether it is impacting the work performed at a place of employment. If so, it is often a delicate subject to breach for those that are concerned as no one would want to harm an employment opportunity for someone you love.


Overtime, an employee’s lifestyle, if it includes issues such as drug or alcohol addiction, poor sleep, bad or unstable relationships, financial troubles, high stress, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits, can harm your business in a few ways, including:


  • Impact on work product;
  • Increased time off;
  • Poor productivity while on the job;
  • Low morale;
  • Inability to cooperate well with coworkers, which may further lower morale or cause other employees to develop unhealthy lifestyle habits;
  • General contempt towards your business; and
  • Higher health care costs

Positive Effects an Employee’s Lifestyle Can Have on Your Business

If an employee has a healthy lifestyle, it can help your business thrive. By eating properly, managing stress, eliminating unhealthy habits, sleeping well, exercising, and maintaining healthy relationships, it is easy to see how an employee can begin to thrive and produce excellent work output. When your employee’s lifestyle makes them feel good, this will, in turn, make your business do well. It will also help avoid the issues that may occur if your employee’s lifestyle includes negative aspects.

What You Can Do for Your Employee or As a Loved One

Since the benefits of promoting that your employee maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle far outweigh the negative impacts on your business, as well as your employee’s own life, you should promote that your employee makes healthy choices. This does not have to be confrontational. Rather, encouraging a nice work/life balance and paying attention to when employees demonstrate signs of fatigue or unhealthy lifestyle choices, speaking with your employee privately to see if you can help.


If it is a loved one, you too can try to speak with a person you believe may have an addiction problem that may jeopardize his or her employment. If in the Port St. Lucie area, there are many Port St. Lucie treatment options that you can look at for additional information on means to help.

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