How to Increase Your Online Visibility Using Local Directories

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You might be wondering how some multi-international businesses came into being. This should never worry you again as all businesses sprout from one locality and spread their branches across the world. It means that before thinking of global recognition for your business, you need to make its presence known in your neighborhood.

The way the world is quickly growing rapidly in terms of technology makes this visibility important on the internet medium. The truth is that many people have embraced e-commerce where they buy things as soon as their devices connect to the internet. There’s also a local directory on the internet which can help direct local traffic to your business.

The more there’s the influx of people to your internet directory, the more you can maximize in your sales. However, for you to realize this, you must improve the quality of the outlook of your occupation in the US local business directory. Here are key areas that will contribute to your massive visibility among viewers;

Your site should be mobile friendly

This is one area where you could be doing it all wrong like other online directories’ subscribers. In many cases, you’ll find out that sites can only be accessed when you have a PC or a laptop but many users don’t use the said gadgets. This means that you’ll be locking a sizeable population from seeing your occupation.

In these days, phones are much alike with the computer. This restricts computer to be an office device that may not be in domestic use. In a single day, a great number of people access sites with the help of phones. The delicious thing about this is that over 70% of the viewers make purchases. For people to see you, you should enable your site to be mobile friendly

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your sites

You could be ignoring this aspect but you’re another culprit when it comes to searching sites. You’ll mostly check the first ten sites that your search engine brings you and neglect the ones in the bottom. This means that only the sites with good SEO will realize your viewer’s attention.

The wrong SEO can also direct your site to the wrong audience which can very much hamper your business. Remember, your target is the local audience but not global attention.

In case you’re unable to make your site SEO sensitive, you should hire an expert to do it for you. They should do it in such away that the site is linked to all the social media like; twitter and facebook. The inclusion of social media increases visibility.

Be consistent in your sites

Many people will be demoralized the moment they find out that you’re not updating your sites. There are sites that were last updated more than five years ago. No one will spend their time on such sites. This calls for a continuous duty of updating your sites in the local directories.


You can only advertise your occupations in online local directory to make your site become popular. Once you pass the positive popularity test, people who will eventually purchase your goods/services will frequent your site. For this reason, you need to improve the quality of the site that you let your local customers see.


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