3 Social Media Mistakes People Make During Divorce


Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, social media has become an integral part of our lives for most people. We share a lot of good things, bad things and even ugly things in our life on these networks without thinking twice about the consequences. Going through a divorce, we are emotionally vulnerable and tend to speak out intensely and most people do it on Facebook, twitter or similar places. Divorce lawyers of your spouse have a magnifying glass on your activities and know well that you are vulnerable to social media misuse. You may be warming up to some colleague, going out for a night with friends or have find yourself a new lover. You need to very careful as to what you are posting on your social media when you are in the middle of a divorce. The 3 most important pitfalls you must avoid at any cost are:

Photos are admissible:As is known posting photos on social media is very common. You must never forget that the divorce lawyers of your spouse will use these photos against you, they scour the internet just for this. It could be someone you are quite friendly with and may have met at your uncle’s birthday party but it will be used against you in the battle of custody. It is important that you block your ex from accessing your accounts even if there are old accounts. Also, most wives and husbands have mutual friends and may gain access to photos through them. You better assume that your ex has access to your photos and will make use of them against you. Take the necessary action to eliminate this risk.

Defaming your spouse:It is a human nature to play the victim in times of conflicts to win the sympathy. Using social media to letting off steam which you are very prone to during the distressing times can backfire on you when your spouse’s divorce lawyers use it against you and can be argued as defamation in the law of the court.

Revealing too much:Due to the intense urge and addiction to social media, you are prone to post about the latest developments in the proceedings of your divorce. There are certain things that happen during a divorce process that should not be shared with anyone, this includes client-attorney discussions which are confidential. If you have an overwhelming urge to share you could pick up a phone and talk to a trusted friend of yours.

In conclusion from a practical perspective, you must never forget the fact that your spouse may know things that if shared publicly could prove detrimental to you. It is advisable to maintain peace with your spouse. Whenever you post on social media you must be aware of the fact that it can be accessed by your spouse and used to their advantage, against you.

The safest and the quickest thing to do during a divorce is to deactivate your social media accounts at least till the divorce proceedings are finished. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, give us a call today!

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