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Business is a great decision to be taken and it needs lots of efforts and money investment as well. There are many people who have great business proposal, but they are not able to start with their business as they do not have sufficient funds and investment. Keeping all these things in mind some website has been developed. The website and company is mainly to support the Muslim owned businesses. It is ensured that they business will get sufficient investment so that they can starts with their business and grow it. The investors in this business are mainly Muslim only.

Submission of proposal

The process starts with the submitting of proposal. The seed proposal is submitted and that is done online. It does not matter that what is you do or at which stage have you reached. You simply have to submit your proposal and make sure to do it fast. There are investor son the company who wish to invest only into the Islamic business ventures. Their money invested in proper manner. Once the proposal is submitted by business it is checked and analyzed by the company. This is the process which may take 2 days and then the business person will be contacted through phone or email.

If in case the business person do not get a call form company, then they may get it directly from one of the investors who will consult them regarding theirs business proposal. It is very much important that you take proper notes at the time of the consultation as you will be given with valuable information at that time. You will inform whether you should move to next stage or not. You will be contacted within the span of 3 to 5 days of the submission so that the company gets enough time. They will ame sure t do the background check for your business. They will research and analyze the business proposal in proper manner.


Once the consultation is done they will need another 5 days so that they can factor each and every thing of the business which is discussed during the business consultation. Then you will be contacted in order to inform whether your proposal has been successful or not. Once you are informed for this the next step is about the business presentation. You will be invited to give the formal presentation of your business proposal in front of one or more investors who may be interested in your business. For your presentation submission you will be guided with some ways in order to prepare the presentation and what is expected to be done.

After presentation time the investors will take their decision whether they are willing to invest into your business or not. They will decide whether they like your idea or not. If they are investing in your business then you will be offered with the contract copy which will be given by them to you. If no one is ready invest in your business then they will help you in improving your proposal.






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