Should You Outsourced PPC Management or Keep it In-House?

Outsourced PPC Management

As a business owner interested in doing PPC to increase website traffic and online conversions, you face the dilemma of whether to build an in-house PPC department or outsource PPC management to a professional company. While there are no easy answers to this question, here are some tips to help you make a well-informed decision.

#1 Valid Reasons for Apprehension

It’s easy to understand a business owner’s apprehensions who’s choosing between an in-house team and a PPC management agency or a white label PPC management agency. You want to have a solid strategy that’s customized to your business goals and branding objectives. You also want to have complete control over costs and be in a position to make necessary changes in real time. The decision to outsource to a PPC management agency is even more difficult when you have already started doing PPC campaigns on your own.

#2 Solution to Allay Concerns

The good news is that all of these concerns can be allayed when you choose an experienced, reputed PPC management agency offering customized solutions centred on your business objectives and budget. A good PPC agency welcomes involvement and opens up channels of communication to ensure a client is kept up to date with regard to campaign development and performance.

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#3 The Case for In-house PPC

Of course, this is not to say that you cannot undertake PPC on your own. There are several cases in Australia where doing PPC on your own may be more beneficial to your business. If you have the time, resources and a skilled team with Google AdWords certification or high-level PPC training, you can go ahead with your own in-house team. If you’ve already implemented a campaign that is generating decent ROI, you may want to continue with your efforts.

#4 Good Option for Limited Budget

If you have a very limited budget for PPC ad spend, you may not find outsourcing worthwhile. This is because PPC management companies usually require a few hundred dollars in ad spend and charge fees for services. You might want to explore other options such as providing PPC and Google Analytics training for your staff. A business that does not require more than a few hundred keywords will find it easier to manage a campaign on its own.

#5 Access Expertise with Outsourcing

On the other hand, outsourcing to a white label PPC management agency has many advantages if you have a medium to large business that requires thousands of keywords, more segmented ad groups or several campaigns to cover all products and services. A professional PPC management company will have the expertise to handle all aspects of developing and managing complex campaigns including keyword research, bid management, landing page optimization, AdWords account set-up, analyzing KPIs and optimization.

#6 Easier to Handle Challenges

PPC is an evolving landscape and it can be quite challenging to keep abreast of changes. However, professionals who work with PPC management companies keep themselves informed of the latest changes, go to seminars and consult colleagues to improve their knowledge and understanding of PPC. Moreover, a professional with AdWords certification or Google Analytics training is in a better position to understand and effectively act on measurement analyses.

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#7 Access Exclusive Tools and Features

A professional PPC agency will utilize state-of-the-art tools and software to create and track campaigns. These hi-tech tools can make various tasks such as bid management, keyword selection and goal tracking more scientific and easy. A Google Partner PPC agency has exclusive advantages such as the ability to contact Google staff for support and access beta programs that give them an opportunity to try futuristic strategies and technologies.

In the end, outsourcing to a PPC management company will allow you to access expertise and leave you with more time to focus on your core business capabilities. Weigh costs and benefits to make the right decision!


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