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On line, collaboration is fast becoming the new way to conduct business and communicating with your colleagues. Using effective collaboration systems such as Polycom allows the workforce to connect, share and collaborate from anywhere. As demands for productivity increase to communicate through video collaboration allows the work force a lot more flexibility. They no longer need to be at a desk in the office or at home.

Flexibility of the Workplace

A majority of the modern workforce are people that have grown up during the smartphone era and believe in working anywhere. Attitudes of companies need to change to accommodate this trend because most people are using laptops, tablets and smartphone in their daily lives. This allows people to be completely mobile while interacting with the friends and family. It is this mobility that they also expect at the workplace because of various reasons.

Being able to work from anywhere lets the workforce have the choice of how they would like to balance their lives. The latest trends show that by working from anywhere allows better control over your work-life balance, avoid commuting stress, be more productive, save money on commuting and will allow you more time. In order to get the system to work the business needs a good Polycom distributor Australia.

The Future Workplace

One thing that most business leaders agree with is that the latest technology has changed the way business is done and how colleagues collaborate with each other. It is essential to innovate or become a dinosaur and a Polycom distributor Australia will be able to advise which will be the best Polycom Distributor Australia system to use for your specific needs.

Surveys that have been done worldwide show that it is not uncommon for people to work from anywhere and the percentage of working people working this way is about 62%. How often can people be seen with their headphones on staring at the mobile device or laptop collaborating with a customer or colleague in a café or coffee shop?

Latest Technology

The communication technology is moving at a rapid pace and it is now possible to have a brainstorming session with up to 20 people without being in the same room using a virtual face-to-face setting. This is extremely useful when international teams are involved defying distance but unfortunately not time zones.

Like all systems there are disadvantages and the biggest one for work anywhere is defining a fair, productive working environment.


As the work anywhere is fast becoming the new norm there are also expectations from the workforce and Polycom systems can provide this. The workforce expects:

  • User-friendly tools that are easy to set up.
  • The quality of the audio and video content needs to extremely high to ensure that the collaboration experience is one of fun and make it seem as if you are sitting across a table from each other.
  • The system needs to be compatible with all the mobile devices and easy to switch between the different appliances.

Contact a Polycom Australia distributor and ensure that your business stays in touch with the latest way of doing business.

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