Revisit Palaeolithic Age with Bhimbetka Caves, Bhopal

Revisit Palaeolithic Age with Bhimbetka Caves, Bhopal


Bhopal is known for its wonderful sites and monuments. One among them that you cannot absolutely miss is the Bhimbetka Caves. These sprawling caves are located by the Bhopal-Hosangabad highway which is close to the Bhiyapura village in the Raisen district.

The contents of the caves go back to more than 700,000 years back. They are known to have petroglyphs that are the oldest in the world. These caves are a must visit for people who have an undying love for history. As Bhopal is a busy city the entire year, book your room in advance in a decent hotel India Bhopal. The city has so much to offer to its tourists in the form of culture and history. You will be amazed by the historical significance Bhimbetka Caves possesses alone. The caves are hundreds in number, but only a few are open for tourists and travellers.

Discovery of Bhimbetka Caves

Dr. Vishnu Wakankar, an Indian archaeologist was the first to notice these unique landscape containing giant boulders and rocks with entrances to dark caves in the year 1957. At that time, the hills were not inhabited by many people except a few Gonds (a tribal community). The Gonds believed that witches had built these caves.

Most people did not find these caves to be historically significant as the city had an abundance of outstanding monuments. Dr.Wakankar did not lose interest in these caves as he had witnessed something similar in France and Italy. He believed that these caves might be a shelter for artefacts that belonged to ancient men.

When he returned back to the site with his students, he was more successful in his conquest. He discovered stone artefacts that belonged to the prehistoric age along with paintings in the ceilings and walls of the caves.

Later Dr.Wakankar with his students presented copies of the drawings in international conferences that were held in the United States and France. It took about a few more years to realise the real value of these caves when more scientific investigations were conducted.

What Are The Caves Like?

Around 760 caves have been discovered in 7 hills which spread for more than 40 km2 in area. More than 500 of these caves contain paintings and artwork of some form or the other. Some of these caves are small, but some are so large that they can accommodate hundreds of people all at once. The landscape has huge boulders which are of very unusual forms.

These caves used to be shelters for ancient people who inhabited the world long ago. The paintings found in these caves are more than 15,000 years old. The artistic standards are high above the standard as stated by archaeologists.

The contributions of Bhimbetka Caves are immense with respect to Indian history. People from far off lands are attracted to see this place that was inhabitedby people who lived in the Palaeolithic Age. You will find many other tourist attractions in Bhopal. For luxurious accommodation, you canlook for Bhopal hotels 5 star.

Don’t miss out of the beauty of Bhimbetka caves when you visit next. They are not only aesthetic, but also a valuable source of learning to travellers.

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