Strategic Customer Attraction Marketing Blueprint


Using the ever changing face of the economy predicated on varying factors [such as government protectionism, automation of industries, downsizing of companies] the trend to increasing numbers of people choosing to get started on their own business for various reasons continue steadily to rise. Having said that – along with this trend there is an increasing dependence on set up marketing process and customer acquisition processes and methodologies to be utilised within these businesses to be able to change a startup into a completely functional revenue generating entity.

It is often the case that lots of smaller companies are product rather than market focussed. Oftentimes we find that there is no genuine marketing department as they say of and as a result the function of marketing within the company ends up being satisfied ‘as and when’.

We can compare this to what we find in virtually any larger organisation or corporate; we find a genuine marketing department, with qualified marketing professionals who are analysing the marketplace, focus on customers and competition, they regularly look for movements and moves in their chosen space in order to refine the marketing note and continually drive the communication through the programs. This is to add the distribution route [where appropriate], printing media, radio, catalogues etc, etc and undoubtedly the utilization of digital marketing channels [social media, e-mail marketing, vdeo sales marketing, micro blogging and more].

The above is exactly what leads to the typical ongoing market penetration that people see within these organisations resulting in services and services development a reliable stream of new customers and the nurturing of existing clientele.

It is with the smaller organisation at heart, the solopreneur or home based small business owner that any strategic business attraction marketing blueprint is targeted towards. That is one or two steps down from utilizing an personally consultant that can look to understand the business enterprise functions and put specific structures in place that whenever used; will first give a deeper knowledge of the market place and target market clients but will provide the building blocks for providing the merchandise and services that the intelligence directs the business towards producing.

It is strongly recommended that organisations seeking to add framework and functions to the marketing and consumer acquisition facet of their businesses direct their energies to these main basics.

Consumer Strategy & Preparation
ESTABLISHING Key Business Functions & Systems
Getting Clients WHEN YOU Sleep
FOLLOW-UP & Retention
1) Gaining a deeper knowledge of the needs, needs and behavior of the clients whatever the industry will drive the decisions that are created with regards to the merchandise and services that are developed and presented to the market space.
2) Key systems and techniques such as continuous market intelligence related to costs and customer behavior can help take the company to the next level and gain a significant competitive benefits over other companies supplying related or similar products and services.

3) The marketing process for bringing new prospects in to the marketing funnel must be a continuing activity; whilst concentrating on servicing existing clients it is crucial that someone is caring for make new clients aware of the needs that your company can fill.

4) Too often it is the failure to followup and keeping in touch that contributes to the loss of valuable customers; with respect to the business tools such as e-mail marketing, videos, account sites and printing media may be used if you want to stay near the top of your brain of the mark customer.

After the process has been developed it’ll then be a subject of refining it [say once a 1 / 4] whilst some is caring for the execution that will lead to new customers, sales and products and services leading to increased revenue technology.

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