What is the Procedure Experts Follow for Fixing Saggy Couch?

Saggy Couch

People have often wondered that how professional repairers fix damaged furniture. Well, to be true, it depends on the damage. A broken leg of a piece of furniture will apparently be dealt with in a different way than scratches or rip and tear. However, one problem which almost all people face after a specific period of time has passed, and that is a sagging couch. Have a look at how sofa repair Dubai fixes a sagging couch.

The procedure for fixing a saggy couch

Look at the detailed process of how experts set a sagging couch. However, look at what sagging couch is! It refers to a situation where a piece of furniture has a bad structure, has old springs, or cushions which are worn out.

  • Step 1

First and foremost, to fix such furniture, experts first inspect the couch to examine what is precisely the problem of such issue. If cushion is the problem, then all an expert will do is change the pillows but if the issue lies with springs or frame then depending on the damage they take their next action.

  • Step 2

Then, they take photos of the furniture before taking it apart. It is done so that when putting it back, there is a reference to which one could match.

  • Step 3

They inspect the frame of the sofa carefully to check if the fabric is torn or there is rotted or broken wood. Here, if there is cracked wood, then replacing it is a must. This is a time-consuming process for them as they need to uproot holster and the put it back like before.

However, they keep in mind when removing fabric for spring inspection that they don’t make a mistake and tear it.

  • Step 4

Professionals take note of what type of spring is used in the furniture whether it is zig-zag or coiled springs. They determine that springs are broken or not by checking if they are bent. If they are bent, then it can be fixed quickly. However, if it is broken, then they take it back to workshop for sofa upholstery Dubai.

After checking and fixing all these, comes the next part which is cushion filling.

Filling cushions for more comfort and proper support

If the cushions feel too soft, then more feeling is needed to make the cushions firm. By opening up each cushion, expert repairers remove inside materials and fill it with new foam, cotton, or batting for making it firm. This firmness in sofa cushions provides support and comfort level just like modern furniture.

Also, before putting in new materials, they will wash the cushion covers. After one last final check, they upholster the whole furniture if that what is needs before sending it back to the owner.

This is the approach which most professionals take up to repair and upholster damaged furniture. So, for sofa repair Dubai make sure to opt for experts as you can’t do all these by yourself. This way at a low cost you will get the work done as well as save your time.


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