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Why should you outsource call center services?


It is quintessential for a business to stay focused on the core-business related tasks if they want to reap optimum benefits from their business. However, the fact that ensuring the contentment of the existing customers or clients is also as important as it is to focus on the new revenue generation and expansion avenues.

Hence, the real dilemma arises when the company needs to decide whether they should go for outsourcing or not.

Now, some may argue that they are managing both the things internally and quite well. To those of you, we would say everything might seem to be well-managed but actually there’s a lot that could have been done for the growth of your business. You are simply overburdening your human resource in doing something that they don’t have the experience and skills for. In short, the skills they have are not put to use optimally as half of their time is diverged in managing the customer care thing.

Not just this, as your business will grow, you will start receiving queries in bulk across all the channels and managing all these tasks will become so though that everything in your office will go haywire.

Imagine this and answer do you want to put your company ever in that situation?

Well, not only you no one would want to. As taking this risk and facing this situation even for a day would mean losing a bunch of customers who will deteriorate your brand image amongst their knowns further.

80% of the companies currently resort to outsourcing their call center functions.

Due to all the aforementioned reasons, we recommend every business to outsource call center functions from the very beginning. No worries, if you haven’t done so or still need some more points to validate the importance of outsourcing, take a look at the points mentioned below.

  • The Cost cuts:

There is no denial to the fact that setting up a call center requires a considerable amount of money. You need to set the equipment and facilities. However, when you outsource call center services, you pay for the services either on a per-hour basis or on a transactional basis. Besides, if you agree to share the agents with other clients the cost you pay for the services gets lowered down even more.

  • Scalability:

Call volumes are sometimes high and sometimes low. They keep on fluctuating. This is the reason why you find the agents in your in-house call center either idle or too occupied sometimes. Hence, the amount you pay them gets underutilized in a way because sometimes they seem to be more than enough and vice versa.

On the other hand, when you have outsourced these services, you get the advantage of flexibility and scalability. They can put the staff they have available for your customers in the amount you require. If the calls are more, more agents will be deployed for attending the call of your customers and vice versa.

  • Big Data Assemblage and Analysis:

The outsourcing companies work towards improving their performance to increase the customer satisfaction rate. For the same, they analyze the call data they have to develop useful insights. By analyzing and comparing the call recordings they come to a conclusion as to what needs further improvement.

  • Quality Monitoring and Control:

When you outsource call center services, the callers mostly get first-time caller solution. Moreover, they are given importance and shown empathy. The performance of each agent is monitored and performance improvement suggestions are also given to them.

  • Latest Technology:

Because the sole work of a call center services provider is to provide good customer support to the various customers of its clients, they keep researching and investing in the technologies that can improve their performance by speeding up and easing their work. They use software for social media monitoring, text messaging, and web chat etc. Doing so in an in-house call center isn’t that feasible.

The way ahead

It must be crystal clear by now that when you outsource call center, you put your in-house talent to better use and also save a lot of money and stress. You also get the best personnel to take the queries of every customer through multi-channel support apart from taking them overcall. This, in turn, ensures that every existing and potential customer stays happy with your company, its product, and the customer support. The brand image improves which in turn increase your customer base by reducing the customer churn and by helping you in acquiring the new customers.

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