How to Be an Effective Online Teacher


The digital world of education brings up a large range of unexplored territory. Most importantly, it is so when we compare some of its teaching methods with traditional ones. When a person tends to be an effective online teacher, he must follow these effective practices from accredited online universities.

  • Be Present

Since you are not physically present in a classroom, but you must make your presence feel in the digital realm. while gaining the status of such online presence, you are required to use a range of various means of communication for ensuring you check in on them daily or hourly basis. Discussion boards, forums, emails, and announcements are just a few of them to show off your availability in the online classroom.

  • Set the Expectations

As online classrooms feel like a little free-form, a teacher needs to draw a very clear set of expectations for students before they literally commence their studies. You must do it in a way that these expectations should include everything from what they expect from you as a teacher and more. These expectations may outline the communication frequency, due dates for assessments, and the amount online participation requirement.

  • Let the Student Do Work

The main purpose of online learning is to engage students in your content as long as possible. So, you need to create such an opportunity for this to happen by giving your students chance to engage with content. Not only that, but they may be able to connect through discussion resources, and grading each other’s assignments.

  • Think Before you write

Not only is this a vital principle for the teaching staff to follow, but students should also follow it from the very first day. Since it is written text, you must craft the responses and posts that are well-thought.

While crafting these responses to assignments and other evaluations, it is good to use a simple tone, which is quite clear and polite one. As these responses are something that all your students have to go off regarding feedback, you should not leave anything open for interpretation.

  • Ask for Feedback

Sometime in between second or third week, you must ask your students for an honest feedback on how things are going. This feedback should be covering everything from content to teaching methods and everything.

The best way to get feedback is in a somewhat formal tone, so post something on the discussion board and wait to see what pops up.

  • Foster Personal Relationships with Each Student

Like effective group communications, getting one student on one time is very important. Students learning online may sometimes feel deserted so it depends on you how you make efforts to reach out them.

For instance, you may use a blend of different communication methods, which includes personalized responses on the discussion boards and emails addressed to one student. It is advisable that you may set out the best communication methods but never give out your personal email address or any other contact details to some student.

  • Make use of some Group Activity as well as Individual Projects

To ensure success with online learning, a healthy mix of group and individual projects is one of the best activity. Give your students a lot of learning styles that may enhance their capabilities of learning, and also teach them the importance of group work as well as individual achievements.



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