10 Splendid Study Hacks To Help You Cruise Through Exam-Time


Exams are not a time that many students look forward to and thus face plenty of difficulties coping with stress, anxiety and panic attacks. While taking exams are stressful indeed, learning how to study smart right before they come knocking at your door is a trick that the cleverest of students have up their sleeves.

Want to know ten of the most effective ways to curb exam stress and study like a champion? Read on!

1. Prepare a study schedule that works for you

Work out a study routine that works for you and you are good to go. For example, devote a considerable chunk of study time for the night hours if you are a night owl and so on.

2. Snack right

Keep off junk food and aerated drinks. Snack on nuts, berries and yogurts during exam time to keep your brain at its productive peak and to stay fit for pulling long study hours.

3. Go for frequent breaks

Incorporate frequent breaks in your study routine, say, every 40 to 50 minutes. Studies reveal taking breaks amid study hours helps the brain retain information in a better way.

4. Catch up on sleep

Keep your stress levels in check with regular naps in between study hours. Napping helps the brain remain refreshed and thus your capacity to retain knowledge increases manifold.

5. Simulate exam conditions

Say goodbye to freaking out in examination halls. Instead, study smart by simulating exam conditions such as silence and a timed clock to keep you on your toes while you practice on your worksheets.

6. Figure in technology in your study

Make great use of apps that help in studying such as the ones to block distracting apps on your phone and the ones that help you organise your study routine or help you memorize better with flashcards.

7. Practice reading aloud

Believe it or not, reading aloud your lessons helps in better retention than reading them over and over again. Try reading aloud and simultaneously jotting down essential pointers to develop a smart study trick.

8. Go for a jog or run

Go for a jog or run during the reading week and on the morning of the exam to keep your brain active. Let those charged-up grey cells take over in the exam hall to power through your way to success.

9. Create a comfy study space

Jazz up your study space with potpourri and soothing music to help you study with a calm and composed mind. Ensure utmost comfort for yourself in a space that lets you focus on studying to the fullest extent.

10. Check your assignment progress

Keep a tab on your progress with regular quizzes and worksheet and assignment exercises. You can take help in your study from those who will provide assignment help at the time of the hectic schedule. Either you can thus devise and tweak your study plan according to the progress you make while the reading week just before the exams.

Follow these ten tips to prepare for the exams like a pro and come out with flying colors. Good luck!



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