5 tips to remember while treating special child

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The population of special child are growing more and more with the coming years as all the teachers, music teachers, religious education trainer, soccer coach, dance teacher finding themselves in trouble when are in middle with the one.

Most of the people do not know what to do when they are left with the special child. One or two days you may able to manage but when it comes to be with one or many on a daily basis then it become your responsibility to treat the child with all the care he or she needs.

The behavior should be mold according to them in order to evaluate the talent or skill out of him. Moreover it is important to make him comfortable with yourself for better understanding.

Those  who never been with any special child are always in need of some guidance when dealing with one. While the others who live with them usually looking to bring improvisation in their behavior to evaluate more out of them.

Here are 5 tips that needs to be remembered while you are living with the special child mostly :-

1.Interact gently :One of the biggest mistakes that adult does is throw questions directly at child which he/she doesn’t like to answer. When finally a kid don’t give answer, we all stop trying to make a move further and end up failing in developing interaction. At beginning introduce yourself to him/her, use gestures, touch on face to make it look friendly. Explain everything to them in detail about whole conversation from starting to end point use actions if necessary.

2.Observe behavior :Every special child has different way of receiving input of communication that they may not able to verbalize. Observe each and every gesture or action of him to understand what he or she is trying to say. Ask parents or other people who are close to him/her. Remember every behavior is a form of communication that needs to be noticed.

3.Be flexible:You may able to get rid off the issues of a normal child but once the special need kid gets anxiety, then it will become very much stressful for you to handle. Be little flexible for these kids. suppose if one kid has this issue of not leaving parents at all then, don’t just  forcefully pull him away from them instead fade in parents for few seconds then fade him out as kid at least remain satisfied for the day till meet the parent again at home.

4.Play is therapy, therapy is play :Yes! Doesn’t matter how much therapy session you give your kid from doctors, the time will come when you get to know that the only therapy for a kid is playing. for them it is fun, it is a joy, it reduce stress addition to this for a special kid. activities like swimming,archery, table tennis make them more stronger both physically and mentally. This Helps in developing the child growth internally as well as externally more quickly.

5.Stay positive:You can’t be right every single time. No matter how much effort you put in making things right, one day something will ruin everything that will give you sleepless nights by thinking about it all over again and again. This will not give you anything other than regret and weak emotions. There are so many people who are experienced but still end up worse while dealing with special kid. There are also those who just jump into the situation without having any knowledge and creates magic all over the kid head. Stay positive to keep things working even one day you as a parent or teacher failed.

conclusion:Parent use every other way to provide their special kid with the best as much as possible. The first things everyone look upon is a school where kid goes and the place he/she spends time the most afterwards. Be very specific about it when choosing one for a special kid. You can even look for reading schools that has better understanding of them. If you are in america then ny has one of the best reading schools to look for according to the stats.


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