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Exciting, competitive and swift-paced- these three words describe fashion industry in a nutshell.   The industry is one sector which has been glamorized by every one of us, be it media or the people in general. It is the field wherein an individual has to showcase creativity and imagination. So, people who possess these skills should enroll themselves in any one of the textile courses. Schools related to this industry like the school of fashion and school of textile offer varied textile courses.

But before you enroll in a textile course lets understand what the job of a textile designer is and why you should opt for this profession.

Textile designers take various types of clothes and fabrics and create works of art. At their feet lies the world of colour, patterns, treatments, formation, and perspective. Indeed, the textile designer is privileged in possessing unlimited tools with which to actualize the inner-workings of their artistic imagination.

Let’s move onto the reasons now:

1) Quench your thirst for creativity

If creativity is your forte, if you love to design not just apparels, but also accessories such as handbags, shoes, scarves etc. then you can make the best use of your creative side by brushing up your skills and enrolling in a fashion design course. Your passion for involving beautiful embroideries, drapes, pleats and laces in your creations can be followed successfully while you pursue this course.

People are now getting more and more fashion conscious, further fueling the demand for the textile designers. Therefore, pursuing a design course will not only be beneficial for your career but will also give wings to your dreams.

2) Opportunity for leaving your comfort zone

Textile designing is one course which makes you come out of your bubble and do things that are challenging. The famous saying of Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, “Change is the only constant in life”, holds entirely valid for the fashion industry. Trends keep entering and exiting this field on a daily basis. Once you become a part of this ever-evolving industry, you will always be getting a lot of opportunities to establish yourself. Even if get a little anxious, then it will eventually boost your performance. So, if you are someone who loves challenges, then pursuing a career in textiles is a right decision.

3) The vast range of work opportunities

Once you enter this industry, you start thriving on key people within the fashion fraternity. Knowing the set of right and genuine people can open doors to a sea of opportunities. Hence

it is essential to have reliable networking skills and develop contacts with right people.

Working in the textile industry allows you to meet people from varied backgrounds who have a rich knowledge of the industry. One should learn a lot from such people and treat them like a mentor as you get to learn a lot from them.

4) Unlimited progression

From the early start of your career towards four-five years down the fashion lane, one learns and progresses on an insane level. Starting your career from junior level refines merely you as a professional. The journey from junior level to high ranks will help you acquire more details and skills to enhance your overall performance and confidence. The textile industry has ample room for progression regarding profile and money.

5) Getaway to a happening professional life

In this industry, no two days are the same; this fast-paced industry makes dull days a rare phenomenon. Those who work at higher ranks, get a lot of opportunities to travel and attend fashion events. The chances of travelling come with chances of working with different kinds of clients. This results in expanding your learning experience, and you also get to attend many glamorous industry events that further add to your exposure.

6) Meeting industry experts and networking

In this industry, networking is essential. In fact, networking proves fruitful in every profession and not just textiles.

In fashion realm, you will come across people with different backgrounds and experiences. As mentioned above, you will always get various opportunities from well-known faces of the industry.

Making good contacts at an early stage will always pay you in later stages of your life. For example, if you plan to set up your label in the textile industry, these right contacts might help you in doing so.

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