Different Schemes & Their Eligibility for Various Government Funded Courses in Australia


With a sturdy global network, Australia is now focusing on strengthening its skilled workforce. As a result, the Australian government has taken up some schemes and initiatives, which includes offering government funded courses to eligible candidates. These courses are delivered on a diploma or certificate basis and are designed under diverse areas. To know more about these courses and your eligibility you can contact us on our support cell anytime.

Superior skilled learning at diploma and certificate level is highly acknowledged in Australia and is considered integral to maintain and enhance Australia’s competitive position in the global marketplace. As a result, a number of centralised and state-oriented schemes have been developed to subsidise or fund the upskilling of candidates across all industries.

Major Schemes Related To Government Funded Online Courses

  • Future Skills (WA)

Under this scheme, the Australian government focuses on investing or providing high subsidies to such courses with train individuals to take up jobs in Western Australia which will be in high demand in future. These training courses focus on imparting knowledge and skills to candidates which align with present day needs of industries and employers in Australia.

  • Skilled Capital Funding (ACT)

Being an ACT Australian government funding initiative, Skilled Capital Scheme provide Canberra’s opportunities to indulge in skill training in areas which will provide them enhanced employment opportunities.

  • Higher Level Skills (QLD)

This program provides eligible candidates access to one subsidized training area in a chosen Certificate IV Level course and for higher qualifications or priority skillsets.

  • Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD)

This program helps Queens landers to get into government funded training places, equivalent to their certificate III level qualification in their priority areas. The program covers basic skill sets such as language, numeracy and literacy, as well as qualifications to that of Certificate I and II.

  • User Choice

It is a national policy initiative that entails disbursement of incentives and funding to RTOs. It is designed to enhance responsiveness of Vocational Education & Training

(VET) of various Australian industries.

  • NSW Smart & Skilled

The scheme is designed to provide reformation to NSW Vocational and Training System that provides candidates access to necessary skills required for establishing a career via government subsidized training. Eligibility ranges from certificate I qualification to advanced diplomas.

Eligibility For Government Funded Courses Under These Schemes

Funding and incentives opportunities are available to only eligible candidates, which is most often restricted to permanent residents of Australia, New Zealand passport holders having 6 or more months of residence approval and native Australian citizens.

Apart from that requirement for eligibility for government funded courses differ with various schemes, with changing degrees of complexity and detailing of these initiatives. For this reason, we closely monitor the changes in funding eligibility, scheme’s framework and so on and work in hand in hand with various state and federal government agencies to stay up-to-date and provide authentic information to anticipating candidates.

You can get detailed information about qualification requirements and eligibility details through our support team. Visit Aged care courses Perth for your queries regarding any eligibility issue or to gather detailed course and scheme information.



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