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Have you ever heard using a snake’s venom as medicine? That is what cyber security professionals do. They turn hacking into a beneficial tool. The more “white collar” terms for that are “penetration testers”, “ethical hackers”, “Firewall/system administrators” and “Risk assessment professionals”. Basically, they try all the known ways of hacking into a system and then get the security loopholes fixed. The ECSA certification is for aspirants seeking to do just that. It is turning your passion for hacking into an ethical profession – sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst certificate will allow others to identify you as a professional ethical hacker in the corporate world. Because hacking is one of the riskiest businesses, enterprises will not take the risk of hiring someone who cannot prove his authenticity. On top of that, the course is actually quite prestigious among the professionals. It’s seen as the center of the white collar hacker’s professional world. If you’re already in the industry, it will promise you a big increment. If not, it will secure you one of the best jobs there are for hackers. Either way, it makes a person capable enough to be trusted by companies with multiple servers.

When a person begins to hack, he mostly knows the theories of techniques and very less about its practical application. That is exactly what the ECSA certification course will drive a newbie through. It equips them with the detailed familiarity of applying the theories; putting action into the thoughts. All of this will be tested by the penetrators, on companies with multiple servers, and that also of both kinds, with equipped and unequipped security structures. To make all of this easier, it is highly recommended to go for the CEHV9 first, but it isn’t needed, especially if you’re confident that you know enough to do it.

You may assess your level by following majority of things that the course helps with:

  • Determine New Exploits and Threats
  • Authorization
  • Environmental Problems
  • Authentication Issues
  • Risk Analysis, Assessment, and Solutions
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Leakage Penetration
  • Documentation Writing
  • Combat Measures
  • Telecommunication Penetration
  • Checking File Integrity

If you know your technique well, it will take a few days or a couple of weeks to master the exams. But if you’re about to wet your feet and want to dive deeper, it is recommended to go for the basic courses first, such as CEH and LPT. These courses will build the foundation of your hacking skills and you will naturally flow towards the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst course. It requires you to invest 4 – 5 months in it, with pure dedication and willingness to work a little harder. For the professional life that awaits you after, every second of your time will be worth the deal.

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To prepare, enroll yourself for an ECSA Course (online or classroom, depending upon your requirements) from an authorized training center. You can also learn on your own and take professional guidance only when required. Such mode of learning is called flipped classroom, which is custom made for busy professionals. Choose the mode of learning according to your existing level of knowledge, and go for the kill. Good luck!

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