Oracle Be Applied in Education

How Can Oracle Be Applied in Education Today?


Information Technology has literally taken over every sector of industry today. Computers and computerized devices are used in manufacturing, healthcare, research, food processing and even education. I.T. resources such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, intelligent circuits, Wi-Fi transmitters and more are utilized every day to run companies, industrial plants and organizations too. These I.T. resources are divided into hardware and software resources. One of the software resources used is the Oracle database. It is used to store information for future editing, viewing and retrieval. The Oracle database is used in organizations as well as education centers. Why is it preferred over other database software in the market?Read on to find out.

Oracle Be Applied in Education

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Characteristics of Oracle database software

Oracle database software can run on all operating software platforms. Examples of these are Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is also compatible with all standard protocols of networking. This database software satisfies all the industry standards applied in the technology sector. Moreover, developers can expect full support in the Oracle database software from manufacturers. This is essential in adding or adjusting the available features of this database software. Oracle also allows online backups for the latest versions. You can cover all the stages of a database development cycle.
Oracle is also capable of storing large databases. Moreover, it can support both numbers and alphanumeric characters in the data it stores. The databases created with Oracle are object-oriented in nature. As a result, this software is versatile and can be applied in companies, manufacturing plants and education facilities. Moreover, this database software allows the use of cursors. This makes it easier for developers to work with it. Security is a major feature in database software today. Oracle enforces this by dealing with each computer transaction independently. This secures the data that is involved in each transaction. Why is Oracle used for student learning computer concepts? Read on to find out.

Why Oracle can be used for education

Oracle Be Applied in Education

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This database exhibits concepts of database computing that students need to learn so as to fill roles such as being a remote oracle dba. These concepts include:

1. Consistency

2. Atomicity

3. Durability

4. Isolation

Consistency of data

For a database to stay secure, it needs to be consistent. This means that it should move from one valid state to another without compromising the integrity of the data stored in it. Oracle exhibits this characteristic. Thus, it is used to educate students on the database creation concept.

Atomicity of data

Oracle Be Applied in Education

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The data involved in a database transaction is viewed by the system as one unit. In this way, the results of a transaction can only take one of two forms. It can be rolled back in its entirety or committed fully. There is no half-way point. This is atomicity of data. It is an important concept of databases that students can learn Oracle from Oracle.

Durability of data

After a database transaction is complete, the results are durable. This means that they are able to survive various conditions such as system failure or viral infection. The results of the transactions in an Oracle database are durable and secure. This is another concept that students can learn using Oracle database software.

Oracle Be Applied in Education

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Isolation of data

The Oracle database program handles each data transaction independently. None is visible to the other or even to other users of the same database. A transaction can only be viewed after it is complete. This is a feature that contributes to data security.
In addition to the above concepts, there are other reasons why Oracle can be used in an educational setting.
Ability to perform effective error correction.
This database software allows you to recover your data efficiently in case of human error. This error can be incorrect entry or improper editing. Oracle saves multiple instances of a database. Therefore, human error can be corrected by backing up to the latest instance.


Oracle Be Applied in Education

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Ability to perform data recovery

The nature of saving multiple instances of a database also contributes to faster recover of Oracle databases. In case of resource corruption or system failure, you can restore your database by activating the most recently saved instance.

It has a short learning curve

Oracle has a short, comfortable learning curve. Its concepts are easy to grasp. Moreover, it is built such that it can be easily used in various organizations. This makes it ideal database software to use for teaching data storage concepts to students.

Oracle Be Applied in Education

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Today, it is necessary to teach students some of the fundamentals of I.T. These are the creation, storage and access of data. This is done using database software such as Oracle. A number of reasons why this particular software is effective in education are indicated above. They are comprehensive and applicable in any student facility teaching I.T.
Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a remote oracle dba. She has been in this position for five years. In addition to maintaining Oracle databases for organizations, she also teaches the system to students. The characteristics of Oracle normally prepare students for the demanding world of data maintenance. Sujain made a valid contribution to this report.

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