Aptitude Tests

Importance of Aptitude Tests


What is an Aptitude Test? 

An aptitude test is the best and systematic way of testing a candidate’s knack to perform a specific task and how will he react in different situations. The test has a common method of scoring, administration, and the results compared and quantified with all other applied candidates.

With most of the organizations which has over 100 employees us an aptitude test for jobs to hire people. Most of the organizations these days have taken such tests very seriously as it has yielded rich dividends to them therefore you should also consider this seriously and hire the best people for your organizations.

Aptitude tests include various subjects and thus you can easily analyse the people on what skills do they possess and depending upon your requirements you can hire the best people around. The subjects that are included in aptitude tests are mentioned below along with the benefits:

  1. Verbal Reasoning Test:Verbal reasoning will help you in assessing writer’s verbal logic and also the capacity to rapidly digest information from the passage of text.
  2. Numerical Reasoning Test: This will help you analyse how good the applicant is with numbers.
  3. Situational Judgment Test:This will help you know the applicant’s judgment in solving work based problem.
  4. Cognitive Ability Test:This will help you measure general intelligence of the candidate.
  5. Error Checking Test:This is little unusual from therest of the techniques. This test mainly focuses on candidate’s capability in finding errors in a complex data sheet.
  6. Spatial Awareness Test:This test will help you assess candidate’s ability to manipulate situation or images which are used in application of jobs such as architecture, engineering or designing.
  7. Intraday Exercises:In this task a business like situation is created to assess how well a candidate can prioritize the task assigned to him on daily basis.

Aptitude test will help your organization to take a more informed decision before hiring. Mostly various applicants apply for a job at the same time and to compare and choose is not easy. This is where these tests come handy. These tests as mention above assess on various factors and help you take a collective and a decision which is in best interest of your organization.

In comparison with an interview these testspresent you with an accurate picture of applied candidate’s potential for the job they have applied for. Different aptitude tests are designed in a way, that it measures different qualities in candidates. But at the end of the day you will have the results on who can serve you best.

Time and Cost Effective

The reason why one should go for these tests is that they greatly bring down the cost and time of hiring and recruiting.

Prevents Biasness

Since there’s no direct interview involved in tests it makes sure that an able candidate has not been rejected on the basis of the conscious or unconscious biases. Besides this, these tests are scored electronically, and therefore, help you in hiring the best from a widened pool of candidates.

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