Online Education: GED vs Fake High School Diploma


E-learning has become a common thing in this era where technology seems to control 99% of the activities in our lives.  It supports distance learning where you can achieve a certificate or diploma in any education course, regardless of your physical location. There are many education providers online; but you need to be careful when outsourcing them, as there might be those offering fake high school diplomas. A high school diploma is an important credential for anyone who wants to take their careers or education to a new level. But if you lack one, your dreams may be derailed. That is where the GED certificate comes in as a diploma alternative; after all, it shares the same educational value.

Why are most online high school diplomas fake?

Well, some of the high school education and diploma providers are there only for the money and they have never really campaigned for true education. The growing number of education schools and businesses online sell quick and easy programs alongside easy complete tests that are not of the right quality. From a general view, these online institutions may seem legit; but the truth is that they are just cons looking to rob people of their precious money in the name of providing quality education. However, there is a belief that transcripts and diplomas offered by online schools are useless and of no value. Most realize this too late when applying for a job training or enrolling for a college. Therefore, to avoid wasting precious time and valuable fees on something that may backfire on you, you should try General Education Development (GED).

How to choose quality learning solutions provider online

Not all institutions are illegal and there are those whose credentials have meanings to the employers. So if you are way out of the age bracket for education, you can consider such an option in order to improve your life while avoiding fake schools and their fake diplomas. Here are a few things to consider before enrolling to any education institution online offering GED:

  • GED has been approved by the American Council of Educations; i.e., they are certified to offer the services. The common testing areas include; mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, reading and writing. If there is an online school that doesn’t fulfil these two requirements, then it is undeniably true that they are just scams.
  • There are plenty of available GED practice tests online; but for the actual test, they are offered offline at designated testing sites. So if you find an institution offering you their official exams online, it should clearly tell you that they are not reliable learning solution providers.
  • Ensure that you read carefully the school’s fine print before you agree to pay for any services. Understand what they are offering, their fees and most importantly, ensure they are certified to provide educational services.
  • GED tests are challenging and if there is a provider online offering you a high school diploma for participating online for a short, easy exam, you should realize they are not offering the real deal.

Clearly, you may land yourself with a trustworthy learning service provider; but the chances are also high that you may be with a fake institution offering fake tests and fake diplomas. It is, therefore, important to be cautious of what they are offering and go through their details and information to ascertain they are real and legitimate.



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