Does suspending students work to give them a lesson of life & guide them to right direction?


Meta description:Suspending students is not a wise policy to teach them a lesson. It affects them in a negative way by making them antisocial and disobedient.

Content: Various schools, colleges and universities suspend students for different reasons. If college authorities want to teach a lesson then they can use other ways which can be used to guide the students in right direction. Students should be warned in a polite way. Suspending students is not a reasonable option to teach them a lesson for different reasons illustrated below.

  1. Suspended students become involved in antisocial activities

Suspended students become negative and associate themselves with antisocial groups. They take pride by doing lawless things and feel pride that they are being suspended from their institutes. Various examples of suspended students are seen in our daily life, they are involved in spreading panic, terror and exhibiting dangerous stunts to show their bravery. They become fearless and feel happiness by teasing other people of the society. These suspended students are most likely to become full bloom criminals in future.

  1. These students become spiteful

The students can be counseled and advised their suspension from schools and colleges could affect their personality for the rest of their life. They start hating everyone and criticism from people makes them spiteful. They don’t care for their families, societies and also put their lives at risk by getting indulged in negative activities. They hate their existence and abhor any positivity around them. They become hopeless and spread hatred and terror.

  1. They can’t differentiate between right and wrong

These students are not able to take right decisions in their lives. They are unable to differentiate between right and wrong and always prefer negative options and means over positive options. They have lost trust in their abilities and don’t think themselves as capable of doing right things.

  1. They abandon studies

Suspended students start hating educational institutes and lose interest in studies. The label of suspended student follows them wherever they go so; they start hating education and never get admission in any other school or college. Their negative experience makes them distant from education and they spoil their career by wasting time in useless activities.

  1. They become drug addicts

Suspended students don’t get jobs and they choose drugs as a refuge from tensions. Eventually they become drug addicts and do lawless things to get money for purchasing drugs. The continuous use of drugs deteriorates their mental and physical health. Their lead aimless life and at the end gets rejection from all the people.

  1. Suspended students become robbers and thieves

Suspended students don’t get any job and their negative company persuades them to start stealing and such malpractices make them robbers and burglars because they have chosen the shortcut to earn money.

These are the effects of suspending students from schools, colleges or universities. They become negative and do negative things because it gives them satisfaction. Suspending students doesn’t teach them or guide them but hinders their personal development and they become antisocial individuals who disrespect other human beings. Always guide students and try to develop insight in them so that they can adopt positive things in life.



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