Top Trends that Are Poised to Shape the realm of HR in 2018

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Over the last few decades, the human resource management market has experienced some epic and tremendous shifts along with encompassing performance in human resources development. In 2018, the future of HR looks like there’s going to be a dramatic evolution to lead the charge. Let’s check out what’s there in store for the industry.

In this digital age, online learning has become one of the great ways to help the workforce to learn and upgrade their credential more. One-thirds of human resources development leaders think that employees should get in touch with learning resources at least weekly once, to be effective. People build skillset through a structured and formal training. This year, we will see a surge of a culture which is full of learning, and that means both the formal and informal training such as through experiences, job training and interactions as well. For example, the modern HR professionals are constantly looking for competency-based international best HR certifications to validate their knowledge and skill-set.

The old learning and development are not working anymore and it has become quite obsolete for today’s millennial workforce. To create and nurture tomorrow’s leaders, the organizations are required to adopt the practices of online learning to adapt to the whole new demands in the market. Today’s workforce demands transformation which will enrich their lives and fuel their growth as well. Most of the workplace learning infrastructures has become obsolete and they are being used only for structural training. Creating a culture of learning would be the first step towards a smoother and rewarding learning experience.


Flexible work arrangements are surely going to be the future of work in 2018. The days of working straight off for eight-hour is finally going to be over. This is happening in most of the countries in the world. More and more employees are getting attracted to the flexible arrangements because it offers them the desired freedom and motivation. But several organizations are a bit cautious about embracing this new wave of change. But they may need to give up the idea that putting more amount of time in office means better work ethic. Organizations need to understand the deep association between the quantity and quality of the work. Honest discussions about flexible work arrangements can yield quality results by creating a valuable support network for the workforce. It really does have a number of benefits such as less parenting stress and better job satisfaction. The future looks bright with the flexible work arrangements! As the modern HR professional, the individual must get a more nuanced understanding of all the important trends with the help of the important international HR certifications.

This year, we will see a lot of emphasis on improving the employee experience. But why it is considered to be the preeminent priority of the year? Employee experience is extremely important for having an effective and strong workforce. Providing a succinct yet extensive experience that is being followed up with plenty of valuable opportunities for the employee’s own self-development, can give the employers a strong competitive edge in attracting the best talent. The popularity of websites such as Glassdoor has made it much simple to look for the company which the individual is considering to get into. Companies can no longer rely on human resources development or recruiters to position themselves. This year, we will see some growing challenges for the HR professionals as organizations shift to a more complex structure, and they must stay in touch with the constant changes with international HR certifications to elevate their status.

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