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5 Best Gifts for your Girl Friend’s Birthday

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Be it your beloved girlfriend’s birthday or any other special occasion, choosing the best gift for her comes up as the most confusing and trickiest task ever! Boys really find finding girly gifts more difficult than anything else in the universe and end up feeling exhausted. But not anymore, as we have curated a list of the 5 best gifts for your Girl Friend’s birthday that will surely reflect the love and care you have for her. And the most amazing part is you can use Fern n Petals coupons to avail great deals when you order for such gifts online.

Personalized items that reflect your love

What can be more happening that crafting some personalized gifts for the love of your life? These may be key rings with her name and picture engraved, cute cushions with beautiful love quotes, a photo collage that sums up your journey, coffee mugs with a classy couple shot over it, a charming bottle with a message and pictures that light up in dark, Adorable couple t-shirts & rings with wonderful design and this list is never ending.

Personalized gifts are precious for a reason! They reflect your memories and feelings in the best possible way and thereby will make her feel loved like never before. Don’t worry, you need not to make such gifts on your own, there are numerous online gifting portals that come up with some of the most fantastic ideas and designs for personalized gifts. Just go through their templates and customize your gift in no time.

Gregarious Gift Hampers filled with gothe odness of care

Your care for her needs no wordy expression! But these gorgeous gift hampers will ensure that she feels it all over again and again on her birthday! These hampers can contain anything that will render immense care and comfort to her and lighten up her mood beautifully! It can be as simple as a chocolate, combined with some spa creams, massaging oils, daily care essentialities or as extensive as a complete hamper filled with eatables, personalized gifts, flowers, cards, rings, her favorite cookie and a lot more.


These are the hampers that will spark the sense of care and belongingness in her heart and make her feel on the top of the world. And the best part is you can always experiment with these gift hampers. We would suggest you to fill them with all that she loves to embrace. You can find such hampers easily on online gift portals or create one by yourself.

Flowers, Handmade Cards and Soft toys to pamper her well

The idea of gifting some enchanting flowers coupled up with chubby toys and precious handmade cards can never go out of fashion! It is the simplest birthday gift idea for your girl yet the most impactful one. Trust us girls adore flowers and if you know about her favorite one, that’s awesome! And everybody knows that soft toys do own a secretive place in every girl’s heart and combining two of them will make her feel overjoyed for sure!


You can craft a handmade card on your own if you are good at designing the same. Else, you can take some help from the card ideas displayed on the online gift shopping sites and add your own message to their designs. Or you can simply choose from their innovative cards that go something like 100 reasons I love you, 50 things I have to tell on your birthday, open letters and what not?


Choco and candy bouquet with yummy birthday cake for her day

Plan a cute little surprise party for her birthday and invite a chocolate cake, a vivid candy bouquet, her favorite chocolates and yourself into the same. You are all set to gift her with one of the most memorable birthdays of her life. Combine it with other personalized gifts, cards and some flowers to enhance the love that follows. Such bouquets and cakes can be simply ordered online and even if you both don’t live in the same city, you can send them to her and leave her surprised.


If you think this is a very basic option, you can combine it with some gift hampers or accessories. Ensure that you pick up the best cake and candy bouquets for her from the options offered by the store. One more way is to make use of the midnight delivery facility and send these at her doorstep at the exact moment her birthday comes alive!

Adorable Accessories to lit her face blushed up

Girls just love teddy bears and chocolate is a complete myth! They really find it appealing when you gift them with some of the classiest accessories that help them out in carrying themselves better! And these accessories make them feel even more amazed as they relish the fact that you know them really well. You need not to be a fashion star to choose the perfect accessories for her; just log in to any online gift shopping site like ferns n petals and you will come across thousands of trendy styles to choose from!

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