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About Some State Sponsored Cheap Low Income Auto Insurance Programs In A Nut-Shell


Affordable car insurance for low income drivers with adequate coverage could be hard to find as car covers are expensive. States do make it mandatory for drivers to buy at least minimum liability car coverage that at times can be insufficient. Traditional insurers will charge higher premiums if drivers have bad credit and poor driving records. Thus, the entire issue will be complicated leading to substantial hike in premiums. It is being estimated that approximately one out of eight motorists across the country are driving cars uninsured. And that explains the seriousness of situation as it only implies that such drivers are unaware of the costs involved in car repairs as well as expenses for bodily injuries.

Nevertheless, some states have programs to provide auto insurance for low income drivers. Here is some vital information relating to the same which you may find useful.

  1. California offers low cost car insurance program to drivers with lower incomes so that they can buy minimum liability coverage for bodily injuries, medical payments and property damages. The cost can vary from $ 241 to $ 556 per annum depending on the area in which the driver lives. But driver’s age must be above 19 years and car must be worth less than $25,000. In addition, driver must have yearly income $29,000 to qualify. To learn more, consult an expert today.
  2. Hawaii provides low income auto insurance program  to some specific category of drivers. No premium is required to be paid for getting cars insured under the program but qualified buyers must be receiving financial aid under the Aid to Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD) program. Probable applicants must either not be working or have low incomes, blind or must have suffered mental or physical disability for at least 1 year or living with a person who receives AABD aid. To know more, contact a certified agent for a free consultation or visit Department of Human Services website.
  3. New Jersey provides special low income car insurance program to cover expenses up to $250,000 that are likely to get incurred post accidents on medical treatments or surgeries on brain, spinal cord, etc. A $10,000death benefit is also offered under contents of such a policy. Cost of premium is just $360 if paid in lump sum and $365 if paid in two instalments.

To learn more about affordable car insurance for low income, it is hereby recommended to visit reputed websites like NoDownCarInsurance.

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