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Should You Buy International Travel Insurance or Not?


The thrill and prospect of travel, especially for pleasure, is quite exhilarating. Leaving all worries behind, the freshness in undertaking an exploration with friends and family is always uplifting. However, many travelers, in the spirit of having fun often face health issues, theft, baggage loss, cancellations and many other events that may become a likely disappointment and lessen the thrill from the trip. Overseas travel insurance plans in such cases and many of the losses can be covered under such policies.

There is a certain mentality to ignoring overseas insurance plans and this thinking springs from not being informed on the cover benefits of insurance. While traveling abroad to regions of hostile situations for business or encountering natural disasters where there is chance of contracting contagious diseases, etc. can be taken care by a family travel insurance policy.

International TravelFollowing are some of the misconceptions about travel insurance and the reasons why such insurance is essential while traveling overseas.

  • Poor Judgment: Traveling overseas for tours and cultural activities with US travel insurance or travel insurance for UK is assumed to be a trip of low risk. No potential damages are expected on such recreational trips. However, such assumption may cause overlooking of factors like cancellation of flights, theft, etc. that may occur during a trip.
  • Not a health insurance policy: People who considered travel insurance similar to a health insurance are often mistaken. No existing health conditions are covered under in a travel policy. Usually injuries, mishaps or accidents that happen during travel are covered only.
  • Thefts: Baggage loss or thefts during travel is common especially at unknown or unsafe places. In such cases, overseas travel insurance will reimburse the loss (if not complete at least partial loss) on certain belongings.
  • Peace of mind: Families prefer their near and dear ones to travel safely and enjoy a trip. Having an insurance can be seen as an instrument that can render some measure of peace to relatives and parents while traveling.
  • Accidents and Injuries: In event of an accident, expensive medical bills can be covered under a travel insurance policy while traveling abroad . Care must be taken to buy such a cover while planning to travel.

Apart from these, the term of a policy, the sum assured, cover provided by an insurer, etc. all must be taken into account while availing an insurance plan. Be wary of companies that promote best insurance but decline claims when in need. Take help from online aggregations to compare various policies and understand the difference between the insurance offered by different companies. Considering it as a beneficial cover that allows the insured to explore new places with peace of mind is the correct way to look at a travel insurance plan.

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