Web Development Trends One Can Expect to Dominate in 2018


When it comes to the concept of web development, one saying that define the industry is- ‘The only constant is change’. The world of web development is changing in every second and 2018 will be no different at all. The expectations of the users are growing and it has become even more important than ever to build digital experiences that are intuitive, engaging and fun.

It is important to make sure that the content needs to accessible everywhere in real time and not to mention from any given devices. Let’s have a look at some of the popular web development trends that are expected to dominate in 2018.

  1. The Use of Bold Colors

Bold accents, bright color and hues could be anything but are the norms for today’s website designs. From backgrounds and descriptions that almost screech, with color to more delicate accents, the liveliest elements of the color palette help the website to remain standout in the industry. Designers can integrate bold color as an overall color theme for designing the site as it sets a great mood as well as the pace for the site. Make sure to hire dedicated web designers who are well conversant with the modern trends.

  1. Small Animations

The use of small animations makes the overall design easy for the users as it helps them to comprehend the design as well as to understand the same. Certain elements like hover actions and even some small movements are highly effective in drawing the attention as well as to help users making interactive decisions. Some common examples of animations are:

  • transition between pages
  • parallax scrolling
  • mouseover effect
  • customer animations
  1. Add 3D Effects

The popularity of the layered elements, as well as three-dimensional style designs, is not only growing but majority of the web designers using the same in their websites. As of now, designers are looking forward to create more realistic interfaces along with the touches of virtual reality.

Thus, more a design looks real, maximum the chances where the users get engaged with the same. There is no harm in using video but it is important to be critical for the placement of the visual content. Make sure to display the video just above the fold in order to ensure getting the brand’s message right from the very beginning.

  1. The Use of ChatBots

Majority of the people prefer shopping from online stores from the comfort of their homes. This is why they want to make the chatting as well as support process more interactive and intelligent. This is the reason there has been a huge demand for the usage of Chatbots for responding to the queries of the customers.

So, next time in case there is a pleasant voice replying to queries, make sure it is nothing but the Chatbots. The experience will be more like dealing with the real guy and on the top of that, it will make the site more interactive as well as responsive.

Apart from all these, it is also important to work on the SEO strategies of the site to ensure higher rankings over the web. Make sure to hire SEO consultant in India or from any other location to turn thing favourable. Do not feel hesitate to share opinions and queries about the post below in the comment box.

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