Souq Furniture Outlet: Shop all Essentials under AED 99 Only


Every house needs some beautiful furniture for a better interior decoration. And, you can find good quality affordable furniture which will last longer and would be able to fare well under rough conditions only on Souq’s exclusive furniture outlet, you can find reliable and good quality products and that too at highly discounted prices. The categories of products that are available for you to choose from these deals include storage and organization, chairs and benches, mattresses, tables, sofas, bean bags, and ottomans.

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Quality of the furniture is always valued above the cost which is why Souq provides you with the options of choosing the products that are fulfilled by Souq which means that the quality of the product is guaranteed by Souq. The added benefit of these products is that the delivery of these products is the fastest that is possible based on the warehouse and other conditions. The price range for these products starts from 13 AED and you select from a variety of products available under 99 AED. The brands that are making these products available at such amazingly low prices are Cubic, Oztrail, Intex, Mobito Design, Vogue, Artely, Tvilum, Intx, and many more such brands.

Some of these products are exclusively available on Souq so this is the best chance for you to get your hands on these products at low prices. These offers are for a limited time period so it is best to grab them right away. There are heavy discounts on almost all the products to bring them to this affordable range and you can also find additional offers like bundle offers – where the total price of two or more products is lowered down when they are purchased together, free shipping on all products for limited time, and special prices under the deals of the day section. These special prices are applicable even on discounted products. Souq also guarantees 100% refund along with a hassle free return process in case of delivery of wrong or damaged products to the customers.Here is a list of some of the best deals that you can get your hands on from the Souq furniture outlet:

Lemon Button 1 piece Metal Stool – Yellow: This metal stool is available at a price of 75.08 AED as it is available at 58% discount. The average rating of the product is 2 out of 5 and the product is Souq fulfilled. This comes under the category of bar stools and is 90.5 cm high.

Mobito Design Bounce Shelf – White: This shelf is available at a price of 87.49 AED after going under a discount of 79% off. The average rating of the product is 4.5 out of 5 and the product is fulfilled by Souq. It is a wall shelf which comes in a chic white finish with a floating edge design.

Cubic Cabinet – Black – This cabinet is available at a price of 99 AED and the discount available on the product is 50% off. The product is fulfilled by Souq and you save 100 AED on the product under this offer. The material used for this sheet is polypropylene sheet and steel wire and it has 8 plastic panels, 11 plastic connectors, and one door panel.

Foldable Beach and outdoor Chair: This chair is available at a price of 88.59 AED after going on a discount of 55% off. The average rating of the product is 5 out of 5 and it is fulfilled by Souq. It is a multi-coloured polyester chair which allows comfortable reclining and transport. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and a removable headrest.

Oztrail Mattress Size Twin/Single – Tents Accessories: This mattress is available for 79.49 AED as it is available under a discount of 39% off. The product is fulfilled by Souq and is also exclusively available on the website. It comes in two sizes – single and twin. It self-inflates on rolling and weighs 2 kg.

BRV Moveis Shelf, White: This shelf is available at 53.98 AED after a massive discount of 87% off. The average rating of this product is 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings and reviews. It is a multi-coloured wooden shelf. It is easy to assemble and clean.

Now that you’re aware of some of the exciting discounts, make sure you grab them at the earliest!

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