A Complete Guide To Buying Right Car Insurance


Invariably, car owners just go out and purchase car insurance based on the monthly premium they would have to pay. However, this is not the way to get the best car insurance for your driving and vehicle ownership needs. You should focus on purchasing a policy that is apt for you, and this can be done by using the following tips.

Compare Insurance Features

You should never purchase car insurance without comparing. When you compare car insurance policy, it allows you to see what the policy offers you. It is important that your selected insurance should have all the key features, like own damage cover, as well as personal accident cover and injuries sustained by a third party. These features give you peace of mind when you are on the road.

Choose the Add-Ons Wisely

When you compare car insurance online, pay special attention to the add-ons. These add-ons are over and above basic coverage offered by the motor insurance policy. You can choose these add-ons for additional benefits. Of course, the more riders to include in your policy, the higher will be the monthly premiums. So, check them carefully. Some important add-ons that vehicle insurance providers offer, include the following:

1) Coverage for Third-party Liability: This cover gives you protection as a car owner if you a financial liability arises due to death, injury or vehicle damage of a third party. You may want to check third-party car insurance online to find the best one.

2) Engine Cover: If the engine in your car gets damaged, this cover ensures you will not be burning a hole in your pocket to fix the engine.

3) Roadside Assistance Cover: Imagine if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a puncture, engine failure or an accident. By having roadside assistance cover, you will be able to call your car insurance provider and request assistance.

4) Cover for Personal Accident: If the vehicle owner dies, gets injured or becomes bedridden due to a car accident, this cover offers financial protection to help the owner or the family get through this difficult period.

5) Zero Depreciation Cover: This rider offers a waiver on substituted spare parts. In other words, you can claim for a higher amount than what you would have been entitled to without this coverage.

Compare Premiums

It is not just enough to compare car insurance online, you should also make it a point to compare premiums. This will ensure you get the best car insurance. Remember, some insurance policies may come across as affordable when they are not. By comparing premiums, you will get a true picture of the insured declared value (IDV); it will help you check whether you can afford the policy and it offers value for money.

Take Online Reviews Seriously

Make sure you spend time to check review sites and forums to find out about the insurance provider. Of course, you should be able to discern real reviews from the fake ones. Reading reviews will help you figure out whether the insurance provider offers quality customer care and easy claim procedure. You want a provider who treats you with respect and ensures your claim is settled in quickly.

In the end, once you have shortlisted the best car insurance provider, negotiate with the provider. This may help you get additional riders and discounts, especially if you have a good driving record with minimal claims and accidents.


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