Cost Of Truck Insurance


If you are interested in the final cost of the OSAGO insurance policy, designed for freight transport, it is worth noting that it depends on the following important factors:

  • time of use of the vehicle and the year of its release;
  • model and brand of cars;
  • engine power;
  • place of official registration of the truck;
  • age of the driver and his driving experience;
  • experience and age of people admitted to driving;
  • the period for which the truck can be insured;
  • general history of insurance;
  • Features seasonal operation of the car.


It is necessary to know that trucks that have been purchased for leasing or on credit are insured not only in the company of OSAGO but also in CASCO.


A driver who ensures his car under the full insurance program effectively protects not only himself and the car from the risk but also other road users. This is an ideal protection against the risks associated with injuries, accidents, as well as financial claims and claims. If this or that insurance event comes, all the material costs will be borne by the insurance company, but not by the owner of the vehicle.


In the event of the most serious insured event, the full amount of compensation will rarely exceed 400,000 rubles. This amount is often not enough for repair and restoration work.


Documents for the preparation of the OSAGO policy


Many owners of trucks ask themselves where to buy the policy of OSAGO online for a truck. You can do it in any modern insurance company.


For registration of the MTPL policy for a truck, the insurance company will need to provide a certain package of documents.


Here are the basic papers that need to be prepared:

  • Technical passport of the goods vehicle.
  • Driving license,
  • Passport and other documents of the owner of the truck.
  • Certificate of registration of the car.
  • The previous MTPL policy if it was issued.


Prepare these documents will not be of particular complexity for the applicant. For this reason, the preparation and issuance of the MTPL insurance policy are carried out in the shortest possible time.


If you are interested in the cost of insurance and obtaining a policy, you can make independent calculations using a special formula, or use the help of a special calculator.


Features of calculating the cost of a policy


To get an answer to the question, how much does OSAGO cost for a truck, you can use the help of a conventional calculator. When you fill it out, you need to solve the following questions:

  • Information is entered regarding the area where the truck was registered. On the basis of such information, a special territorial coefficient is established, which is taken into account when calculating the cost.
  • If necessary, enter the length of service and age of the driver.
  • If the insurance policy of OSAGO is prepared and purchased for more than a year, as an add-on you will need to enter information regarding previously issued policies, recorded insurance cases or indicate a complete absence of such. For more information about truck insurance click this site ooida truck insurance

After the introduction of all necessary information, the system automatically calculates the cost of the future policy. If everything suits you, you will be able to proceed with the paperwork.


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