4 Places to Find and Hire Reliable Lawyer


Finding a good lawyer who can efficiently help you with legal matters  like real estate  is that easy at all. You can’t find a lawyer by merely looking at your address or phone book or just by reading some ads.

Personal Referrals

First, you can talk to people from your circle neighbor, parents, friends and colleagues  who have the same problem as yours. Example, if you are experiencing problems with your work or company, you can talk to lawyers who specialize in compensation law. You can ask for someone if they know a lawyer who can help you with your propriety. You take time to talk with people with the same legal problem as yours and you will be able to find several good leads.

But of course, you don’t need to decide quickly because someone you know recommended him or her. What works for that someone will or will not work for you. We have different responses according to the lawyer’s personality and style. You should have discussed the case with the lawyer before hiring him or her.

Online Services

With the power of technology and internet, you can connect with different law firms and local lawyers with their websites. You can find a good lawyer based on your location and type of legal case you currently have. You can put your answers to few questions about your legal matter and contact details on the contact form of the website and after that, they would contact you directly.

Business Referrals

There are businesses that can provide law services to the people from legal area you are interested with and can help you to identify a lawyer you need on your legal matter. Like if you are helping out your elder to claim benefits, you can speak to health insurance and other government agency.

Lawyer Referral Services

Another source would be the lawyer referral service. You can have a wide variety in choosing the most qualified lawyer in this kind of referral. Most of the lawyer referral services carefully screen the lawyers and put a list which holds specific qualifications and enough amount of previous experiences. However, there are services will put a list with any lawyers in good standing in maintaining a liability insurance. Now, before you jump into a decision of hiring a lawyer from lawyer referral service, make sure you were able to find out the qualifications of the lawyers they have.

However, there’s one thing you wouldn’t be able to get from lawyer referral service  that is the lawyer’s philosophy. You won’t have an idea if the lawyer is willing to spend enough time to be your legal adviser or how aggressive he/she is when it comes to trial.

If you need to find a good lawyer, just follow the above steps.


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