5 Methods Effective Interviewees Use To Land Legal Jobs

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Nothing can be more exciting than landing your first legal job right out of law school(besides actually graduating from law school). But, just like any other type of job, you have to be prepared for the interview, so it’s a good idea to brush up on these 5 methods effective interviewees use to land the perfect legal job.

These are, of course, only guidelines, and If you’ve been experiencing difficulties landing an interview, you may want to consult an experienced firm that can help you further with interview tips as well as get your foot in the door.

Study The Employer

One of the most common questions you can expect a prospective legal firm to ask you is: why is our law firm of interest to you? What you need to do is study the company beforehand to ensure that you have detailed knowledge of their law firm so you’ll be able to answer using specific examples that relate to their core philosophies and particular methods of operation, demonstrating your sincere interest and initiative.

Dress Professionally

This one’s simple: besides impressing them with your knowledge about the law firm, you need to remember that first impressions go a long way and, in the legal field, can spell the difference between landing a job and remaining unemployed. What you want to show is that you look prepared for work and as if the job has already been offered to you. You can take it a little further by dressing as if you are already a partner!

Being Punctual Shows Reliability

Making anybody wait for you is never a good thing, and in the legal field it can mean the difference between winning and losing cases. To show your punctuality, it’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your interview. Not only will this show punctuality, but you can take this extra time to fill out any application that might be required, or make copies of your law degree and bar license.

Find Out What Questions Will Be Asked

You want to study the company beforehand to ensure that you know what type of questions you can expect. You can accomplish this by visiting the law firm and enquiring about their different positions, which will allow you to better prepare your answers and perhaps even find out if they ask questions you’ve never heard before. Regardless, having the knowledge will allow you to think of appropriate responses promptly, which demonstrates an ability to think on your feet.

Have Your Own Questions Ready To Ask

Before an interview concludes, the interviewee is always asked if they have any questions to ask. This is a great opportunity, and allows you to set yourself apart from previous candidates. A good question to ask that shows that you’re genuinely interested is if they allow following up on the position for which you’re applying.

In a perfect world we’d all be able to spend a week with our interviewer to let them know how special we are, but alas that’s not the case, and where brevity is the constraint, carefulness, quickness, sincerity and confidence all reign supreme.

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