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3 Maintenance Tips for Men’s Wedding Bands


Wearing a wedding band is a way of displaying your love, bond, and care for your better half. The shine, spark, and brilliance make it an elegant jewelry on your finger. The last thing one can think of doing is removing and knocking it loose from its setting. It would be a horror to even think of letting your dream ring to go through such circumstances.

Just like buying men’s wedding bands need a lot of planning, maintaining the ring after the wedding is of utmost importance. Here are some safety tips to ensure that your beloved wedding band remains in good condition.

Taking it off during Labor-intensive Work

Often the caring for your ring requires taking it off, especially during these activities that need a lot of hands-on:

  • Gardening: While performing heavy yard work, it is more likely to chip the stone or knock the ringsetg lose.
  • Participating in Sports: There are some sports such as tennis and football, etc., which are not healthy for the state of your ring. If your wedding band has stone or diamond in it, playing these sports wearing the ring can expose the wedding band to serious damages.
  • Cleaning House: Strong chemical soaps and cleansers can harm the ring. Also, try to keep your ring aside while doing the dishes.

Although some metals are made to remain durable in harsh conditions, it is better to remove your ring while taking part in these activities.

Keep it Away from Cosmetics

Beauty products such as lotion, sunscreen, and perfume, etc. can gunk up the diamond or diminish the brightness and color of the gemstones in the men’s wedding bands. Safely apply these cosmetics or take your ring off the finger prior to putting such items. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting men’s wedding band, then you can look into the collections of and buy a product that can bear exposure to beauty items.

Check the Setting and Conduct Regular Cleaning

When you buy your ring or get it customized from a professional designer, they will suggest you bring your ring after every six months interval for looking into the ring setting, whether it is fine or not. This is necessary because often the stone is knocked loose after daily wear and tear, particularly if the gemstone is large in size. Most jewelry stores do not charge any kind of fees for cleaning the ring, so leverage this courtesy for ensuring the shine and luster of your wedding band. You can also avail few DIY cleaning steps at your home such as scrubbing the top and bottom of your ring gently with a soft brush and rinse it many times in a cup of hot water.

Concluding Thoughts

Purchasing and wearing your wedding ring daily is not the end of the story. As men’s wedding ring has more chances to get scratches and damages, stick to the above-stated tips to make certain that your beloved wedding band remains in a good and beautiful state.


Author Bio – Andrew Thompson is an expert in designing and styling diamonds and stones in wedding rings. He advises his clients and readers to check out the durable men’s wedding bands on for a better understanding of their choice.

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