3 Things You Should Know To Have An Epic Destination Wedding in Vietnam


Vietnam is among the countries that possess unique environment and luxury restaurants for event hosting. In case you intend to have a destination wedding, luxury hotels in Vietnam are the most suitable places to throw the ceremony. However, there are significant factors to put into consideration before planning for the wedding. The concerns are categorized into personal and natural and seasonal factors. Here are some of the guidelines provided before planning for an epic destination wedding.

1.Taste and Preference of the Landscape

There are various scenes in Vietnam including cities, coastal environment, and the beach. The most preferred destination is determined by the wedding planners regarding their intended outcomes. Usually, you may seek alternative between a beach wedding and a coastal or city wedding. There are exclusive luxury hotels in Vietnam designed to meet the wedding planner’s needs as long as the outcome is specified. Additionally, the activities organized for the day’s ceremony determine the type of landscape to throw your wedding. For instance, if your epic destination wedding will involve activities like fishing, jet-skiing, and surfing, then the ideal environment is a beach.

2.Estimated Cost and Size of the Resort

Each luxury hotel in Vietnam has a label of its prices. Choose a destination based on your calculated spending. Wedding events are often costly regarding the activities that will be carried out. Before selecting a major destination, make sure that your budget corresponds your preferred destination wedding. Always include the travel cost as major destinations are located many kilometers away from the main town. For example, people postulate that an average wedding cost in Vietnam ranges from$10,000 to almost USD 15000. You should first plan your budget to ensure that you choose a destination that best fits it.

3.Know the Wedding Season

It is usually difficult to determine Vietnam’s climate which is divided into two: Tropical and temperate zone. Vietnam’s northern parts experience the climate’s four seasons, winter, summer, autumn, and spring. For wedding planners, it is suitable to put in mind the preferred season based on the type of destination selected. Luxury resort users and planners of weddings should have the knowledge of the Vietnam’s changing seasons. For instance, if you intend to host a beach wedding, it is recommended to put your dates in the summer time. Summer has a cool weather that enables you to enjoy both your day and night full of leisure activities.

Summer seasons also favor beach activities and provides the required breeze to calm the hotness. Additionally, consider the months of the year to throw your wedding, for example, between May and August is the best time to have a beach wedding because the sun is always out all day and waters are calm. Also, the climate at that particular time favors the events. Thus, for beach weddings in Vietnam, you should choose a date before the month of September. This gives you ample time to plan your visit and choose the most suitable destination.

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