5 DIY Gifts For Your Brother That You Can Give Him On Special Occasions


Finalizing a gift for brothers can be really strenuous as you might get puzzled over a lot of gift options. But, if you give your brother the gift that can convey your love and care for him then, chances are that your brother will surely love that gift. And, what another gift there could be other than a DIY gift that can express your love for your brother in a beautiful way? So, to help you out in finding the best gift for your brother that you can give him on occasions like his birthday or on Raksha Bandhan or on Bhai Dooj or on his Graduation Day , this article presents you a list of six best DIY gifts that will ensure a beaming smile on your brother’s face:


52 Reasons U Are The Best Brother

Express your love, care, and affection for your dear brother in a unique and creative way by giving him the ‘52 reasons u are the best brother’ book. To make this, you need to prepare a deck of 52 blank cards and write one reason on each card with colored pencils or sketch pens. Then, you have to arrange all those 52 cards in a manner that it resembles a small book with a title “52 Reasons You Are The Best Brother”.


A DIY Cool Coffee Mug

If your brother is also taken by coffee like all other boys of his age then, a DIY coffee mug will make the best gift for him. To make a DIY coffee mug, you need to shop a medium-sized plain cup from any crockery store, some colors, stickers, and other decorative items. Once you have all of these items, you can rely on a tutorial video to design a decorative DIY coffee mug for you brother.


A DIY Leather Keychain

Whether your brother loves to ride a bike or a car, a keychain is what he always need to have to keep his keys safe and secure. So, you can design a leather keychain for your brother and gift him on occasions like his birthday or Raksha Bandhan. This gift will show that how much you care for him and his things. This will help in sweetening your bond with your lovely brother.


A DIY Greeting Card

A greeting card makes one of the best gift options for brothers because they are expressive and treasurable at the same time. There are some things that you might want to tell or express to your brother but you can’t, of course, describe them in words. Isn’t it? In that case, make a DIY greeting card, pen down all your thoughts in it and gift it on his birthday or even on Raksha Bandhan. Although you can find rakhi cards online, a DIY greeting card will touch his heart.


A Self-designed T-shirt

It is absolutely easy to design a T-shirt for anyone. All you will need is a white or any other colored plain t-shirt, some waterproof colors, and some stencils. Of course, you can rely on the internet for the best designs and tips before you start designing one. A gift that has been crafted of designed solely for your brother by you will evoke a feeling of happiness in your brother’s heart for sure.

With these amazing DIY gift ideas for your brother, put a happy curve on his face in every special occasion and build your bond stronger with him.


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