One of the oldest ball sports in the world, the game of bowls, has had a fascinating evolution. While scoring has remained same through the years, it is the field, and bowls kit that has been modified with many favourable changes.

Earlier, bowls kits used to come in white colour, which is why if someone mentions bowls kit you would mostly likely imagine a white bowls shirt or jacket or sweatshirt.

But times are changing. Many bowls teams and clubs are opting for coloured bowls kits. There are various manufacturers like Zapkam who meet their demand brilliantly with a free online 3D Kit Designer. This kit designer help bowls teams and clubs in creating their own custom bowls kit.

With the increased affinity for coloured and custom bowls kit and little information about its maintenance available online, we decided to put down the right ways of maintaining the bowls kit in this blog. Here they are.

TIP #1

The first piece of advice we would like to offer is that you should wash your kit as soon as you possibly can after the game. Though doing that after a tiring match may sound like a task to complete on another day but leaving your dirty bowls kit for long will only allow the dirt and sweat to penetrate deeper into the fabric, and thus will make it difficult to clean. The significance of this advice grows stronger if the garments in the kit are heavily soiled, in which case, soak the garments in cold water for a couple of hours before washing them in machine.

TIP #2

While washing your bowls kit, make sure you wash it in a separate load. On occasions when that may seem difficult, put similarly coloured garments that require same washing cycle and temperature as the kit in the same load.

TIP #3

Always choose to avoid bleach or fabric conditioners. First reason behind that is, fabric conditioners hold the smell in, including sweat smell. Second reason is that these can cause permanent wrinkling.

TIP #4

Use separate hangers to dry your custom bowls kit. When hanging your garments in direct sunlight, always turn them inside out. Two things you should never do when drying your garments are – dry them on a radiator, and tumble drying them, for both can damage the logos and cause shrinkage.

TIP #5

Our last advice would be to avoid ironing your garments at all costs. Any additional heat can increase the risk of damage to logos. Having said that, avoid washing your garments above forty degrees or boil washing them.

While these tips come from professionals with years of experience and are followed widely, it is still advisable to read your manufacturers’ instructions and see if there is something they specifically stress upon avoiding or using. Also, since most washing products and appliances vary, you would want to read the instructions provided by their manufacturers as well.

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